Differences Between Banks And Licensed Moneylenders

Differences Between Banks And Licensed Moneylenders Accredited moneylenders are similar to banks. They grant loans to people who have real financial needs. However, when the repayments are late, the licensed moneylender does not harass their clients. They usually will just send notice reminders. Thus they use the same lawful methods used by banks. Other than […]

Ten Great Personal Finance Blogs

MoneyNing David Ning has been offering wealth-building tips since 2007, in which he urges people to pursue wealth goals instead of accepting their status quo. Apart from everyday posts, Ning provides a number of guides on frugal lifestyle, financial management, and investment strategy. Wise Bread Wise Bread offers a tool that the underpaid or unemployed […]

Alternatives to a Payday Advance

The way it is, most people who resort to payday lenders for loans are worried. The stock market may have been rising lately, but the general economy and job markets remain uncertain. Many believe they have little choice when it comes to short term financing. They are in urgent need of cash, but have questionable […]


FiLife is where you can get your finances into shape, which includes sharing advice on healthcare reform. This remains a major concern, so the firm gathered three-word Twitter phrases over a week, from which five were randomly chosen to win a $100 prize. The FiLife “Fix Healthcare In Three Words” Twitter Contest Shows That Money […]

Nursing Homes Rated

An online tool has been developed by a federal agency for comparing nursing homes. A Brief Story Government programmes to upgrade the quality of patient care at nursing homes are moving forward and there is a website for consumers that can use to evaluate nursing homes. The Centres for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) had […]


Eleanor Blayney, CFP®, is a Certified Financial Planner and Consumer Advocate for the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, the organisation that grants CFP® marks and sets training and ethical standards for every CFP® professional. Eleanor is tireless about educating consumers and media professionals on the merits of CFP® marks and the potential of financial […]

Credit Cards

Few people realise that their credit cards can actually be cancelled rather than just shredded. It is critical to weigh the pros and cons of this approach though, as cancelling a credit card is not just a matter of calling the issuing firm. Pros Reduces Temptation: Were you to have less purchasing capacity, you obviously […]

Household Income

Just what are Stackers? It is a tool that lets you compare your finances with those of others, to determine how your wealth stacks up against theirs overall. Given your personal information, you can filter comparisons according to age and those living near you. The results show how you are faring economically relative to the […]