March Money Madness: Personal Finance Blogs

Wise Bread Wise Bread is an essential tool in any unemployed/underpaid consumer’s utility belt. Discovered by three friends in 2006, the community-driven blog has attracted a team of talented writers who share effective tips on maximizing small budgets. MoneyNing Since 2007, David Ning has been sharing his wealth building tips, urging readers to pursue their […]

Do Debit Cards Affect My Credit History?

Can your debit card affect your credit history? Well, not like a credit card can. But you can use your debit card to make sure you pay your bills on time – which in turn will improve your credit history. Many think that their debit card does not affect their credit history – but that’s […]

Choosing an Actively Managed Fund

It’s like asking a vegetarian to name his favorite cut of beef. Market-tracking index funds regularly beat most actively managed funds, institutional investors have a third of their stock-market money indexed, and the proposed Social Security private accounts will likely be limited to a menu of index funds. Yet ordinary investors seem oblivious to indexing’s […]

Why Don’t They Let Me See My Credit Score For Free

Sometimes I feel like my head will blow up. And out will gush numbers – my social security number, my checking and savings account balances, my account numbers, PINs, my student ID number, my GPA, my credit card numbers, locker combinations – gah! But all of those are readily accessible to me without any cost. […]

Take It to the Bank

Destinations be damned. Financial conferences in recent years were often packed with new sites and concepts aiming to convert users like us away from our old, boring banks. What a difference a year makes. It turns out that your plain vanilla bank (if it’s still standing) might actually be the key player in pushing new […]

Alternatives to a Payday Advance

Lets face it, most people who turn to a payday lender for a loan are scared. Despite the stock market’s recent rally, the overall economy and job market are still quite foreboding. Many people feel like they have no other option for short term financing. They need money right away, have poor credit, or don’t […]

Why Your Bank Needs a Free Coin-Counting Machine

So last week a banking-industry consulting firm, the Tower Group, issued a report that showed that more banks could make more money if: a) They installed coin-counting machines in their branches b) They charged customers for the service By Tower’s lights, the banking industry could rake in an additional $500 million if they took these […]