Do Debit Cards Affect My Credit History?

Can your debit card affect your credit history? Well, not like a credit card can. But you can use your debit card to make sure you pay your bills on time – which in turn will improve your credit history. Many think that their debit card does not affect their credit history – but that’s […]

Choosing an Actively Managed Fund

It’s like asking a vegetarian to name his favorite cut of beef. Market-tracking index funds regularly beat most actively managed funds, institutional investors have a third of their stock-market money indexed, and the proposed Social Security private accounts will likely be limited to a menu of index funds. Yet ordinary investors seem oblivious to indexing’s […]

Seven Steps To A Lower Interest Rate

Your credit card company won’t tell you this, but it’s easier to get a lower interest rate on your card than you might think. You just have to ask for it. Here’s how, in seven easy steps: 1. Know the rate you currently pay on your credit-card balance. 2. Research which cards offer better rates. […]

Money Saving Tips for Buying Term Life Insurance

There are many factors to take into consideration when determining which term life insurance policy is the right one for you. Finding an affordable policy is easy, but finding a company that will give you the best deal may be a little more challenging. To make the most of the time spent searching for a […]

Money Market Accounts vs. Money Market Funds

The similarities between a money market account and a money market fund stop at the “money market.” Despite their shared titles, these two investment vehicles differ in a number of ways. A Money Market Account (MMA) or Money Market Deposit Account (MMDA) is an interest-bearing deposit account that typically earns a higher yield than a […]

What are Savings Accounts?

Back in the old days, lots of people parked their money in traditional savings accounts because the options were more limited. But now there are all sorts of financial products that act as piggy banks for your funds. There are old-fashioned savings accounts at brick and mortar banks, which for reasons we outline in the […]

To Tip or Not to Tip: Summer Camp Counselors

You tip restaurant wait staff, the hotel concierge, your hairdresser, but is it really necessary to tip your kid’s summer camp counselor? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t a simple yes or no. And with summer’s end quickly approaching, you might be scrambling to figure out what amount — if any — you should be passing along […]

Taxes and Divorce

Divorce has many consequences, including some potentially dramatic changes to your tax life. Your filing status likely will go, at least for a while, to single or, depending upon custody arrangements, head of household. Status change alone will affect your tax rates and standard deduction amounts. Some filing issues could show up before the divorce […]

What Features are Important in Student Checking?

Going away to college? Add “student checking account” to your packing list. A student bank account will help you learn how to budget, build credit, deposit those work-study paychecks, pay bills and—of course—do some spending with a new debit card. Open your spirals and get ready to take notes on what to look for in […]