FiLife is where you can get your finances into shape, which includes sharing advice on healthcare reform. This remains a major concern, so the firm gathered three-word Twitter phrases over a week, from which five were randomly chosen to win a $100 prize.

The FiLife “Fix Healthcare In Three Words” Twitter Contest Shows That Money Is The Main Issue

FiLife is a joint venture of Dow Jones & Company with IAC (Nasdaq: IACI) and remains the leading online community for family and personal finances. The firm reported that social concerns on costs ruled the “Fix Healthcare in Three Words Twitter Competition.”

President Obama had already pushed for reforms in his seminal address to Congress. In support, FiLife invited participants to tweet their opinions on how the healthcare system could be fixed, expressed in three words. The competition ran from September 9th until 16th and drew a Twitter following of more than 100,000 users.

From the count of submissions, “free” remained the most popular term, while “Medicare for all” and “Real price competition” were leading financial proposals. Likewise, “eat better food” and “do unto others” were reportedly the two most common lifestyle ideas. Given suggestions like “compassion not profits” and “everyone deserves healthcare”, as well as “leave it alone” and “quit being wusses,” the typical submission mirrored the divisive and often controversy-ridden debate.

On the All Things Considered programme by NPR, two well-known medical and healthcare experts gave personal three-word recommendations. Wendell Porter, a former Health Insurance Executive from the Centre for Media and Democracy, recommended “American health security.” Dr. James Rohack, the President of the American Medical Association, proposed “quality affordable coverage.”

“While healthcare reforms are about many things, their effects on household finances are at the heart of this debate,” noted Ezra Kurcharz, the General Manager and President of FiLife. “Through strong reach and engagement, our ‘Fix Healthcare’ competition is a good example of how FiLife advances the most robust online community for personal finances.”