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Top 15 Best Affiliate Marketing Training Programs in 2022

Becoming an affiliate is a great way to earn lots of passive income. If you want to get started, learn...

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Top 24 Most Profitable Blog Niches of 2022

It’s not enough to start a blog. You need to have an area of expertise. To help you, here is...

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15 Best Free Google Sheets Budget Templates

Google Sheets is an innovation by Google that lets everyone have free access to a very useful spreadsheet program. It...

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$300 Checking Account Bonus from Bank of America (2022)

Account bonuses and special offers are common here in the US, but Bank of America is offering a particularly tasty...

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Can You Transfer Money From A Credit Card To A Bank Account?

If you are looking to get your hands on some fast money due to a financial problem that blindsided you...

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How to Remove Paid Collections From Credit Report?

About to take up an important loan? Or maybe you want to fund that personal project you have been planning...

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Refinancing Again

With mortgage rates near record lows again I am looking into refinancing again. Although I had refinanced just over 13...

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12 Best User-friendly Ecommerce Platforms to Explore in 2022

Looking for the best eCommerce platforms on the market right now? Mint Chip’s blog reviews the top 12 platforms on...

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14 Best Discount Gift Card Sites in 2022

Who doesn’t like a discount card? What if we tell you that you can also get a free discount card?...

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Do Student Loans Go Away After 7 Years?

The most obvious answer is no, but there are ways and circumstances allowing you to minimize or sometimes eradicate all...

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Is Taking Out a Personal Loan to Pay Off Student Loans a Good Idea?

Using a personal loan to get rid of your student loans is possible. But do consider the pros and cons,...

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Tips and Guide First-Time Home Buyers

First-time home buyers usually face a number of challenges when buying their first house. This is because of all those...

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What Can You Get from Personal Finance Blogging

People who put up their personal finance blog would definitely say that they decided to take that route for their...

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Best Money Saving Apps 2022

Looking for the best money saving apps on the market right now? Our latest blog reveals all you need to...

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Capital One Performance Savings 360 Review (2022)

The Capital One 360 Performance Savings account offers high yield savings with no monthly maintenance fee, no minimum balance requirement...

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The 2022 Guide to Social Media Marketing for Bakery Businesses

If you're not using the power of social media, you're losing business. With this guide, you can take your social...

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Adjusted your W-4 lately?

Many people only adjust their W-4 for withholding when they begin new jobs.  However, if you received a tax refund...

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Lesson You Must Know about Money

No matter how much you deny it, it will never change – money is an important part of life. This...

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    About to take up an important loan? Or maybe you want to fund that personal project you have been planning for months now? Everything might go smoothly except for when the lender of your chosen financial institution checks that credit report of yours and finds that there is still a record of a collection you … Read more

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