Another Funeral… Another Reminder

Filife team

    I performed a funeral yesterday for a 31 year old woman who left behind a husband and three young children (oldest 5 years old). Aside from all the grief and tragedy of the situation, it was a reminder about some things we should all do just in case something happens to us:

    • Review your Life Insurance–does it meet your needs and the needs of your family? Is everyone covered that should be covered?
    • Does someone else know where to find all the passwords that clutter our lives? Can others get to what they need to get to at a tragic time?
    • Does someone else know your filing system? Where you keep important papers?
    • Do you have a list of banks, financial institutions and their phone numbers and addresses available?
    • Do you have a list of what bills are due when? Which ones are automated, which have to be paid?

    Obviously this is just the tip of the iceberg and only financial thoughts – there is so much more that could be said about this and other areas that should be looked into before a tragedy happens. Take a minute and think today – what is one thing I could do this week to make it easier on those I leave behind? Then take that step.