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25 Apps That Gives You Free Money

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    There is no doubt that money is so tight these days. It is everyone’s dream to earn extra income fast and easy. This does not mean, though, that you have to do odd illegal jobs to make extra bucks. There are even mobile apps that can give you free money nowadays. 

    Here are 25 easy to download and easy to use apps that could help you earn some cash. Read this article if you wish to know tips, tricks, and techniques of using your phone applications to make quick and legal money in these challenging times.

    Top 25 Apps that can make you money

    In this list are 25 of the best smartphone apps that could help you save and earn cash. You can try each one of them and find out which works for you the best. While these are for quick, easy, and legal money, know that using them does not necessarily make you a millionaire overnight. 

    Think of these apps as tools to give you supplemental funds at a time when earning a living is extra tricky.

    1. Wikibuy

    Wikibuy is a shopping app that makes you earn in two ways. First, it gives you the best deals in the market. It ensures that you get the lowest price available across stores. Second, it grants you reward points for each transaction you make. You can then turn these points into free gift cards to be used on popular shopping websites.

    The best thing about this application is that it has an extensive database of online stores. This means that the app can compare among these stores and have the lowest price available. Another use of the app is that you can scan barcodes of a product you like. It will then give you a list of other local stores and retail shops that offer the same thing but at a lower price.

    2. Robinhood

    If you are thinking of investing but are afraid of the risks or are unfamiliar with the trade, Robinhood works best for you. This app allows users to start investing with as little as $1. Also, a user can invest in partial stock shares, which means that with just $50, you can have a share of Facebook.

    The app has diversified over the years. Users can choose to invest in stocks and funds, gold, or cryptocurrency. The best news in using this mobile app is that when you sign up and link your bank account, they can give you a free share of stock up to $200. 

    If you are planning to invest, just be reminded with the basic rule in investing: “invest only what you can afford to lose.”

    3. Public

    Another investment app is Public. This mobile application prides itself on being the best investment app for beginners. It makes it possible for its users to buy a slice of stocks and ETFs, which means that they can invest with a small amount of money.

    The best thing with the Public is that it offers guidance from experts in the trade. It has a social feed where users can follow friends and domain experts and see where they are investing. The social feed serves as an avenue for users to exchange learnings and insights and improve their financial literacy.

    4. Swagbucks

    Through Swagbucks, users can earn points when you shop online, surf the web, watch videos, and answer surveys. You can also convert these points into gift cards from stores like Amazon or Walmart. You can even turn your points into cash. One option is to get money back from Paypal.

    5. MyPoints

    Mypoints is probably one of the earliest players in the game. As early as 1996, it has given users a chance to earn reward points every time they purchase. The company now has various ways to make money, including getting paid to answer surveys.  If you download the app, you can also receive coupon codes, latest deals, promo codes, and a lot more.

    6. Acorns

    Unlike other investment apps, Acorns has a holistic view of your finances. It helps the users manage their personal finances by tracking their daily spendings, saving, and planning an investment strategy. Acorns are for people who are thinking of the long-term. The app does not pressure you. You start investing, but once you are ready, they will give you $10 when you make your first investment.

    7. Earny

    One hack to save money is to look for a price drop when you buy something. If you use your credit card or a retailer app, some of the things you believe are subject to the so-called price protection policies. 

    Here, if an item you bought has a price drop, you are entitled to a refund. Earny is an app that helps you capitalize on this hack.

    8. Worthy Bonds

    This mobile application is meant for people who want to start dabbling with bonds. Worthy sets itself different from other apps as its users can invest as low as $10 and earn a 5% interest rate without paying any fees. 

    Your investment is safe with the company as they choose to use the bond to make secured loans to growing American businesses. This means that aside from earning cash, you are also helping in the economy of your country.

    9. Rakuten

    Formerly known as Ebates, Rakuten is a popular app for online shoppers. People love it because, aside from earning rewards, users are also given coupons and promo codes. 

    The website promises that it can provide as much as 40% cash back at over 2,500 stores. Download the app for free, so you are notified every time there are new deals and sales for items that you like most.

    10. Surveys On the Go

    If you want their voices and opinions to be heard, download this application for free to start earning. Surveys On the Go is a mobile market research tool that is willing to pay users in exchange for answering surveys and questionnaires. 

    Surveys on this app are not for researchers or academics. Instead, many of the subjects they survey about are tech products, shopping, sports, media, and many more.

    11. Google Opinion Rewards

    One good thing with survey apps is that you can download multiple apps at the same time. Another option is the Google Opinion Rewards, which grants users reward points every time you answer a survey. 

    You choose to convert your rewards into Google Play or PayPal credit. Survey topics on the app include opinion polls, merchant satisfaction surveys, hotel reviews, and more.

    12. Money Machine

    On this app, you do not only earn money by answering surveys. You can also make money by watching videos and completing short and easy-to-do tasks online. These tasks can be done while waiting in line, listening to music, or doing other work at home. Once you have earned enough points, Money Machine will let you withdraw them into your PayPal account as cash.

    13. iPoll

    This survey website is different from others in that it does not only ask users about products they use and service they avail. They also survey the users about the places where the latter might have been.

    iPoll also grants cash payouts and gift cards from popular brands. Navigate the app and see how users can also apply as a secret shopper or ad testers.

    14. Sweatcoin

    This app is so excellent because it converts your steps into a currency you can buy other products and services. Sweatcoin earns money through partnering with brands, insurers, and government agencies who advocate for a healthier population. 

    The more steps and walks you make, the more you get paid. If you are a health fanatic or a gym rat, turn your sweat into actual cash.

    15. Foap

    Without a doubt, we are living in a time when picture-taking has become part of our daily lives. We probably take tens if not hundreds of photos a week. Foap is a fun app that turns these photos into extra cash. 

    Besides selling what is already on your phones, you can earn more money if you target to sell on specific brands like Coca-Cola or McDonald’s.

    16. Mercari

    Use this app to find people interested in buying things in your home that you no longer need. Mercari is an app meant to help users sell their second-hand items or used merchandise online. 

    As a seller, you have to pay $10 to the app as a service fee. Meanwhile, if you are looking for things to use but do not have enough money, use this app to purchase cheap and affordable items.

    17. Mobee

    How about buying things from shops while also earning money? Mobee is an easy-to-use app for people who wish to do secret shopping. To make money, users have to complete tasks for retailers, shops, and restaurants. For each job done, a user will earn points which can then be converted to cards or cash.

    18. OfferUp & Letgo

    Formerly OfferUp allows users to make money by giving them an avenue to sell their unwanted items. After downloading the app for free, you can start making money by selling larger items like the future and appliances within your local community. 

    You can also earn through selling smaller household items like toys, electronic gadgets, clothes, and many more. Download the app on IOS or AppStore for free so that you can start your money-making journey.

    19. Perk Pop Quiz

    You can turn your stock knowledge into cash by downloading this app for free. Users of Perk Pop Quiz earn points for each quiz they complete. After completing enough quizzes, you can turn the points into gift cards, or you can also get paid by cashing in.

    20. Drop

    This app might be the easiest one to use. Download Drop, connect it to your credit or debit cards, and spend like you usually would. Without knowing, you start earning points which you can use to shop in popular shops and retailers all over the country. The app also allows you to convert your points into gift cards.

    21. Task Rabbit

    If you are nifty, you might want to try Task Rabbit, where users can get paid after completing simple tasks like running errands, doing household works, completing menial jobs, and many more. You do not need to go far as you can earn money within your neighborhood.

    22. Ibotta

    One of the money-making apps out there is Ibotta. When you shop, this application can get you to cash back rebates or gift cards. One good thing here is that you can send your receipts to the application after shopping, and you can still earn or get the reward points.

    23. Tap Cash Rewards

    Make money during your free time through Tap Cash Rewards. The application is free, and you have to watch videos, play games, download other applications, and many more. After doing so, turn your points into gift cards or get it as cash instead.

    24. Bookscouter

    Another way to make money is to sell books that you no longer need. Use Bookscouter, so sell your books online. One neat feature of this application is that it can take a photo of the book’s ISBN and check the book’s worth. Earn cash through disposing of items that have taken so much space in your home.

    25. Snapwire

    Here is another application for photo-lovers. On Snapwire, users can sell their photos to private businesses or individual users. Download the app so you can get a notification when a photo request or order is made.

    Smartphone money making apps


    Money-making apps are all around us now. At times like these, we have to be extra creative in ways how we earn money. Just make sure that you are online using legal and legitimate apps to get extra money. Try the mobile applications mentioned above and see which one of them can get you the extra cash you need.

    Just a reminder, remember that these apps will not necessarily make you rich overnight. Instead, use them to get the extra money to use in your everyday expenses. Having a high paying job is still the best way to earn a living.