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13 Best Apps That Pay You To Walk (for real!)

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    It seems that these days you can get paid for anything. Thanks to advanced technology and creative ideas, people have a lot of options to make extra money these days.

    There can be no better option than having apps that pay you for walking or workout. These apps would pay you out to feel motivated towards your steps or workout goals. 

    Some of these apps that pay you to walk can be downloaded on your phone to help you with daily walks while others might need you to put extra effort to get you some money and rewards. Some apps might also require you to do some specific task, besides walking. 

    You can’t make a full-time income by doing this, though a little bit of extra cash can help you feel motivated to do more workouts and treat yourself with a small gift maybe.

    13 Legit Apps That Pay You to Walk

    If you plan to use any of the apps that pay, it would be best if you pair them with your fitness trackers like Apple Watch or Fitbit. You can also use the by default tracking apps on your smartphone to make money, but it might be possible that you miss some step while you are walking.

    Further, these fitness trackers also pick up the step better than your smartphone as they are specifically designed to do this task. Out of the many apps in the market, some apps give cash, while others offer discounts and rewards while the other allows you to donate money to the charity. Really cool, right? Let’s have a look into some of these amazing apps that pay you to walk:

    1. Achievement

    For every 10,000 points, you will be paid $10

    They track your exercise and give you a chance to earn money by doing it. They consider biking, walking, swimming, and all other forms of exercise. When you exercise, you can earn up to 80 points and six additional points per day when you log food, weigh yourself, track sleep, meditating, and when you share your health journey on twitter.

    It takes four months to earn a maximum of $10 when you earn points regularly. However, the payment is slow, it can help you get paid up to $30 in a year. Your earn points will expire in exactly one year from the date you have points. 

    They also provide many other opportunities for you to get paid and provide rewards other than for the baseline system. You can also take surveys on health and exercise available with them to earn points.

    Achievement allows you to connect with 30 other apps and fitness trackers, which includes Samsung Health, Apple Health, Garmin, Fitbit, MapMyFitness, and Strava. You don’t necessarily need to have a fitness tracker to use Achievement, as it can connect with the activity log on your mobile phone too. 

    2. Walgreens Balance Rewards

    1,000 points = $1

    You can redeem dollars at Walgreens that you earn by the balance reward points with them. They track your walking and other activities for a healthy choice program. Register on Walgreens balance website or connect your current Walgreens rewards account to a healthy choice plan when you download the app. It is available on Google play store, iOS and Windows phone.

    You can also earn points per day by adding your reading related to health like blood pressure, weight, glucose level, and oximeter reading. There are further benefits for those who track their sleep using MyFitnessPal or Fitbit.

    In the app, you can see the activities you have performed in minutes and walking or running step counts. On the website, you can see everything in graphical format as well. The points conversion currently works in the following way:

    • $1 = 1000 points

    • $2 = 2000 points

    • $3 = 3000 points

    • $4 = 4000 points

    • $5 = 5000 points

    • $10 = 10,000 points

    • $20 = 20,000 points

    • $50 = 50,000 points

    You can earn up to 100 points per week when you complete a health challenge. When you complete all the four weeks challenge, you get a bonus spin which can help you earn points up to 2000.

    3. StepBet

    Bet on you and your goals, around $40

    With this App, you bet on yourself with money challenging to reach the assigned walking or running step goal. You can either win or lose. Steps are counted with the help of Garmin, Fitbit or your phone’s fitness app.

    Stepbet estimated your goals, based on your previous activities, both your power days and active days on which you have met your goals. It is compulsory to achieve four active days and two power days every week in a game duration (6 weeks) to claim the points.

    If you are not able to reach your steps, any week after the first week, you lose your money and are out of the game. There is a fixed amount required for each game duration, and by default, it is $40. Users can get paid to walk for more than what they have bet if they are winners. It can be very motivating if you have the real zeal for the game.

    4. Sweatcoins

    5 Sweatcoins (cryptocurrency) per day for 5,000 steps; can be exchanged for rewards or cash

    Lucky asian male receive reward from fitness app

    Cryptocurrency is something you earn while walking when you use this App. Sweatcoins comes with the walking limit when you use the basic free version. Sweatcoins convert every 2,000 steps in their currency points that can be used to trade or in exchange with rewards. Sweatcoin is available for both Android and iOS, and the company is based in the UK.

    Sweatcoin uses GPS, and hence if you are walking outdoors, you will have to make sure that is on. It doesn’t get connected to any of the devices like a fitness tracker. It only works with GPS and also has its built-in accelerometer. To ensure that the user is walking rather than driving it uses an algorithm, which means that there will be a speed limit.

    Gift cards are available as featured rewards in exchange for sweatcoins but with limited availability. Sweatcoin gives the option to convert $1000 in PayPal cash. Though they also take up to 18 months to accomplish this and can be redeemed only once by any customer.

    When any of your friend or family member joins sweatcoin on your reference, you get extra 5 Sweatcoins. All you need is to share the name, email address of your friend or family. Sweatcoins is one of the most famous apps that would get you paid to walk.

    5. Charity Miles

    You can donate the money you earn from the miles you walk

    Though Charity miles is not an app that pays you directly, it lets you donate money to charity without requesting your family and friends for walkathon donations.

    It has the option to log both outdoor and indoor workouts, so you can also have the treadmill (walk or run) time logged in here. There are over two dozens charity options available on the App where you can make donations: Alzheimer’s Association, Special Olympics, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Nature Conservancy, Wounded Warrior Project, Habitat for Humanity, and ASPCA. Charity Miles pay charities based on the following way:

    • The app corporate sponsorship fund.
    • Charities corporates sponsors.
    • Donations and pledges from family and friends
    • A company that sponsors its employees by an empowerment program.

    Charity miles is available for both Android and iOS. The only drawback of this App is that you have to open it every time you want to log in your miles and get your rewards. Though it is helpful for people who want to help others by providing charity.

    6. Rover

    $20 to walk a dog for 30 minutes

    If you are someone who loves taking care of dogs and going on a walk with them, then this App will pay you while you do your favorite job.

    The only thing you need to do is create an account via their website or App, search for dog owners present in your area and contact them to see if they are looking out for someone to take their dog on a walk.

    You can earn money up to $20 with Rover when you go for a 30-minutes walk with a dog. Not only it could help you make more money, but your walk will also become interesting. They claim that you can earn up to $1000 per month, but you need to know that is based on other services that the App provides that includes house-sitting and boarding pets.

    It is a great way to earn for people who love the job but can’t own one because of their reasons. You must be at least 18 years old to get approval on Rover. The application process can take up to several days to complete.

    7. Lympo

    Similar to Sweatcoin. It is traded in crypto exchanges reaching an average of 500k USD traded daily.

    Lympo challenges its users to become more active to earn their LYM cryptocurrency, which can be exchanged towards sports merchandise and gift cards. It is available on both platforms iOS and Android. Every day you can join challenges that help you build healthy habits like the lunchtime walk or morning walk.

    It is easy to use an app with a simple interface, and you can see your route on the map as you walk. It provides every detail like distance, time, and speed. You can also sync the same to Apple Health and add your daily walking steps in the challenges. It is a good way to get you motivated to move. 

    8. Gigwalk

    You can pick “gigs” that take anywhere from 5 minutes to a few hours or based on how much you want to make – from $3 to $100 or more

    Gigwalk helps businesses collect data about services and products. With them, retailers and businesses can post tasks on the app based on locations and connect them with you.

    It is an amazing way to earn where you will be paid to do tasks while you do your walking, and work gets managed through the app. Basically, you will be going around to various businesses to report your experience with a store or products and punch it in the app. Tasks mostly take up to a few minutes, but you also get an option to select longer ones.

    Payments are made through PayPal, and the app pays anywhere between $3-$100 according to gigs you complete.

    Gigwalk defines itself as a “brand intelligence” app, and it depends on its network known as the “Gigwalkers” who use this app. These Gigwalkers report how the products are displayed and stocked among several other things. It is similar to the surveys that one takes to earn money, but is done through the app.

    9. Lifecoin

    As a free user, you can earn up to 5 Lifecoins a day

    This is yet another app that will give you the motivation to step out and start walking. Lifecoin can be downloaded on your apple or android device, and your steps are converted into Lifecoins. The Lifecoins can be redeemed against prizes like Apple AirPods, Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards, and Lululemon gift cards.

    A free user can earn up to 5 LifeCoins per day while a premium member can earn up to 10 LifeCoins per day. The membership cost to become a premium member is $4.33 a month. 

    This app works using the phone’s GPS so you don’t need any fitness tracker to track your walking or jogging steps or connect any other app to it.

    LifeCoin is a product of Azumio, a company well known for developing tracking apps and health AI.

    10. PK Rewards

    You can redeem your coins for rewards from various brands like Nike, Amazon, and more

    Exercising with PK rewards gives you points in the form of PK coin that can be exchanged with prizes from your favorite brands. 

    It is simple to use the App, where before you start the activity, you need to open the app and click the “start earning” icon and hit the button again when you are done with your workout. It calculates your “Effort Score” based on your effort and time on the activity.

    The rewards include brands like Amazon, Starbucks, Southwest, Nike, and The North Face. They often have their reward updated, and the list also includes various experiences at times that can be redeemed as prizes. 

    The app also has a Leaderboard that helps you motivate and compete with other people. This app is available on Playstore and iOS devices. It can also get connected to a lot of Bluetooth devices like a fitness tracker.

    11. Fit Potato

    Each week, there’s a cash prize pool up for grabs, usually $1,000. To win, you must bet $5 on yourself.

    Lack of motivation can make running, walking, or overall fitness makes a workout boring. Yet another app where you can get paid to walk and help you feel motivated is fit potato. Here is how this app works:

    Once you download it, you can challenge other app users or even your friends to earn cash against steps. You can also join a weekly prize group where you need to complete 3 sessions in 7 days to win.

    From any challenge, winners are those who complete these challenges, and the prize gets equally shared. This also means that if any week, you are the only one who completes the challenge, then you win the entire prize.

    It is available for both Android and iOS and has the option to include walk, run or even dog walking. The only drawback of this app is that it requires a small bet to enter. Smaller player base places bet with potentially smaller earnings, and you also would have to make sure to sync steps before every weekly challenge ends.

    12. WinWalk

    You’ll earn 1 coin for every 100 steps, and you can earn a maximum of 100 coins per day (which would be earned with 10,000 steps)

    WinWalk is basically a free pedometer that would track your calories, distance, active time, and of course daily steps. To make sure that you keep on walking, it sends you reminders. With this app, you earn coin credit with every 100 walking steps that you take. 

    These coins can be exchanged against gift cards from your favorite stores like Starbucks, Walmart, or Amazon. You can earn points for worth 10,000 walking or running steps each day.

    13. Runtopia

    Provide you with real-time audio coaching. Rewards you with virtual coins that you can redeem for your choice of prizes.

    Just like many other apps listed above, Runtopia encourages you to set your routine goals for activities like walking, cycling and running. When you complete your set goals, you get rewarded with the bonus points.

    With functions of training programs, cool-downs, warm-ups, and an audio coach this app is quite interactive. For every goal and task you complete, you earn “Sports Coins”. Once you have earned enough coins, you can redeem these for memberships, PayPal cash, discounts, and products. It definitely makes exercising a little more exciting.

    Certain features of this app are only available for their premium members. Their membership costs are as follows:

    • Monthly – $3.99
    • Six months – $17.99
    • Annual – $23.49

    These sport coins expire on 1st March every year, so you will have to make sure to use them up before this date. Runtopia is quite useful for people who are interested in treadmill workouts and marathon training.

    These are just 13 of the best apps that pay you to walk. There are a lot more apps available in the market that would give you money rewards when you exercise, walk or offer some services.

    Tips to Maximize your walking rewards:

    Group of young people doing sports together

    To make sure you get the maximum revenue generated from apps that pay you to walk, make sure to use as many apps as possible. In this way, your workout will be logged-in on several apps, and you can earn more money, products, and other things from this.

    You can get more motivation for yourself by having a friend or two to sign up as well. Everyone can help each other be on the track. Some of these apps also give you the option to set up your competitions with others.

    Though so many of these apps running at a time may lead to faster draining of the phone’s battery. So you will have to make sure that your phone is charged before you leave your home.


    We really love the idea of the app that pays you for a walk or exercise. It doesn’t definitely make you rich or anything when you use them and can barely sustain you as well. These make great examples as long as they are realistic about your earning potential.

    If you want to make money easily then these apps are definitely not going to help you in any way. But earning a little more while doing your routine walking or workout is definitely not a bad idea at all and if this is what you aim then these apps are perfect for you.

    They definitely give you extra motivation to stay active the whole day around and set new goals now and then. Few of these apps also give you an option to earn a significant amount while offering service when you walk around in the city.

    These apps are only useful for you if you enjoy working out and want to earn extra money while doing it, and not because you want to earn money.