August 24 reading

Allison Wagner

    Animals felt the tremours first. Red ruffed lemurs win hands-down, a full 15 minutes of warning, if you knew what was coming, that is. Flamingos were also pretty clear in their signalling. Pandas proved useless in this instance.

    Rest of the world has to pick up the slack.

    So resistance to maintain online annominity is futile?

    Cheating on tests, cheating on taxes, principle is the same: when people over-estimate other people’s tendency to cheat, cheating becomes rampant.

    Boys are maturing faster too, but we are in general all growing up slower.

    Global competition doesn’t spare any specific industry.

    And the centre of the world keeps shifting, east and southwards.

    Adoptions and corruption.

    It’s this time of the year again, amusement park rides and fair foods.