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Baking Supplies & Wholesales: 3 Online Stores to Check Out


    Starting and managing a bakery isn’t so cut and dried, much like how you would describe some cookies (nor is it a piece of cake).  First, you would need the skills, and beyond that lie the more logistical requirements that come with starting any other business. That means capital, location, permits, and suppliers.

    To be able to make bakery products, you would need baking supplies–baking tools, kitchen equipment, and ingredients that you can use to work the magic of pastry chefs.  The best idea is to also purchase in bulk baking ingredients, because this means a larger guaranteed sale for the wholesaler, letting them sell at lower prices. All the more opportunity for you and your business to make your prices more competitive.

    In this article, we’ll dive into some good sources for wholesale baking supplies for all your baking needs, whether it’s for donuts, cakes or anything in between.

    What Is Wholesaling?

    Wholesaling is the process of buying products in large amounts (like bulk baking ingredients or supplies) from a manufacturer.

    The customer purchases said goods at a discount, wherein they can sell the same goods to a retailer at higher prices. The retailer can then repackage and sell these items at even higher prices to customers, this time in smaller quantities.

    Because of the hefty-size discounted price from the bulk order of products to the purchased from the manufacturer, the wholesaler can pass on this discount to their retailer customers, who can then sell at a price that reflects the overall cost of doing business.

    This means if you purchase supplies wholesale from manufacturers instead of buying from retailers, you can get better prices for the items you order in your shopping cart, leaving you with more options to adjust your costs.

    Where to Find Wholesale Baking Supplies Online?

    There are many good options for buying items wholesale, but for baking supplies specifically, here are some of our suggestions to help fill your cart and get your bakery stocked and ready.

    1. Webstaurant

    Webstaurant is a wholesale online store based in the US. Their expansive item catalog includes restaurant equipment and food and beverages, amounting to over 340,000 products.

    These products include various bakery brands, allowing you to satisfy all your baking needs in one cart order.

    The website offers an intuitive interface, allowing you to easily search, sort, and select items and check for a range of select brands, select in more specific categories, and the like.

    You can also specify your searches with a few clicks, letting you select options for vegan ingredients, dairy-free products, GMO-free bakery supplies, and more. The site even allows you to select the ingredients, flavor, finish, flavor profile, packaging size, cacao level, colors, and more, which is perfect for pastry chefs that require specific ingredients for their cake shop or otherwise.


    Because of its expansive catalog, the best-selling items are disposable cake supplies, including cake testers, cake pop displays, and other small baking tools.

    Specifying your search to bulk bakery ingredients will show that the goods often found in a customer’s cart include decorations like edible-inked writing pens, toppings and add-ins for cookies and cakes, like sprinkles, raisins, granola, and the like; tubs of icing, and flavoring items including vanilla, strawberry, honey, and hazelnut.

    Prices of Baking Products:

    Webstaurant offers items at competitive prices, all reasonably priced for the large amounts they offer. The website lets you see the price range of something depending on the size of your bulk order shown on the search results page.

    Flour: The prices of flour can go as low as $5 for 5 lbs,  and less than $20 per bag for some selections of purchases as many as 50 lbs.

    Raising Agents: Prices fluctuate from $20 to $40 on average, with sizes up to 25 lbs to 50 lbs.

    Toppings & Add-ins: Its popular toppings start at $27 to over $100 for select options, for amounts of up to 25 lbs.

    Store Promos:

    Some items may be subject to promos depending on the site’s discretion and often on the occasion.

    Webstaurant offers a premium subscription service for $99 a month, that comes with unlimited free shipping with a sizeable chunk of their supplies, with others offered at a discount.

    A member of Webstaurant Plus can also get membership discounts and a lower minimum order size.


    The site also promises fast shipping, and with Webstaurant Plus, you can get unlimited free shipping on some products and discounts on others, as well as priority processing for your cart.

    Notable Information:

    • Offers a variety of packaging for baking goods
    • The expansive selection of products also covers bakery tools and kitchen equipment.
    • 24-hour customer service
    • Offers more varied bakery boxes and other bakery bags, like macaron boxes and cupcake liners.

    2. RoundEyeSupply

    RoundEyeSupply is a US-based wholesaler, providing about 30,000 different grocery food brands for consumers and businesses alike.

    The website has an expansive selection of food categories and covers a lot of bakery supplies for your baking needs. This includes packaging, ingredients, and more for cakes and cookies of all kinds. Their interface is adequate–while their search function is not as intuitive, it does allow you to narrow down your results in a specific category, showing you the existing brands, sizes, colors, prices, material, type, and flavors of your current results.

    RoundEyeSupply also promises fast shipping and assistance and support from a staff with 30 plus years of experience in the food industry.


    Its best-sellers in its wholesale section include flour, cornstarch, and deli wrappings. But its catalog expands to a larger variety of bakery supplies, and ingredients, from cake supplies, and other bulk baking ingredients.

    Prices of Baking Products:

    Most supplies are offered with prices in bulk cases, getting you more wholesale baking supplies at cheaper prices.

    Flour: Flour prices are between $15 to over $100, with sizes that vary from 25 to 100 lbs.

    Raising Agents: Prices can go from $65 for 10 lbs to $107 for a 50 lbs bag. The best-selling product amounts to $86 for 24 lbs of yeast.

    Toppings & Add-ins: RoundEyeSupply has sprinkles that go from $31 for 10 lbs to $77 for 24 lbs and chocolate chips for $29 at 10 lbs to up to $146 for 50 lbs.

    Store Promos:

    RoundEyeSupply has select supplies that have free shipping on any order of $1500 or more.


    The website also promises fast and reliable shipping of its products

    Notable Information:

    • Customer support is limited to 8:30 am – 4:30 pm EST
    • Has a wide selection of cake boxes of different sizes

    3. Bargain Wholesale

    There’s something to be said about Bargain Wholesale’s growth from a small business venture to a global wholesale business. For the past 30 years, the business has grown to have an inventory including grocery, beverages, health/beauty, household essentials, party supplies, hardware, houseware & seasonal merchandise.

    Its website has a user-friendly interface, allowing it to easily navigate its massive inventory through simple tags and categories, with a small but sufficient number of bulk baking ingredients for your bakery needs.


    Its best-sellers are specific, varied baking goods right at the top–flour, baking soda, and flavoring. Coursing along are wholesale baking ingredients for mixes for cakes that are great for cake shops.

    Prices for Baking Products:

    The prices are neatly displayed to show the per-item price and per case price, allowing you to easily compute which products have the best deals, and its interface readily allows you to sort through price ranges.

    Flour: Their flours all run at a range of $0.75 to $0.90 each, with sizes between 1.8 to 2.5 lbs.

    Raising Agents: Their only raising agents both cost $18 for a 1 lb box.

    Store Promos and Delivery:

    There are instances of discount or free shipping only within the US. Customers can also opt for picking up their purchases by checking their warehouse locations here.

    Notable Information:

    • Registration is required, without any fees.
    • Online order minimum of $2,500

    How Much Can You Save When You Buy in Bulk?

    Always take a look at the cost per unit (oz, lbs, or grams). It’s not the price of the item itself, but the value-for-money you get with the ratio of the amount and price.

    Research shows that a package that is 10% larger can save you 5% of its price.

    Per item, you might only see as low as a few cents, to some amount of dollars. While this doesn’t seem like much, it does save you expenses in the long run. But it also matters how smart you are as a buyer.

    The Bottom Line

    When running any business, purchasing in bulk means saving on expenses; ergo earning more profit. This is the same way for a bakery.

    But be smart about your bulk purchases so you can get the best deals. Check Webstaurant, RoundEyeSupply, and Bargain Wholesale for their prices for different brands.

    If you need any more tips on running a bakery, from how you can run an online store to best things to sell in a bakery, follow us at Mint Chip Challenge! We offer tips not just for baking, but for all entrepreneurship and money-making needs.

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