Bank Of America $500 checking offer

Bank of America $500 checking offer (July 2021)

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Customers who don’t have a Bank of America account and want one are in for a treat. You can receive $500 upon signing up for a Bank of America new checking account. With just a few steps, you are on your way to using the most advanced financial facilities from a Bank of America personal checking account.

Bank of America $500 Bonus Offer

Expiration Date

By August 31, 2021, Bank of America’s $500 checking account signup bonus won’t be available. However, you’ll likely encounter this promotion again in the future after the expiration.

Steps to Use This Offer from Bank of America Checking Account

  1. Access the Bank of America $500 checking account opening offer application page through your email or an official bank digital advertisement. Applicants using a Bank of America Credit Card will likely receive a new personal checking account offer email or advertisement.
  2. Open an eligible account before the promotion expires
  3. Receive qualifying direct deposits above the $10,000 minimum within 90 days to receive the $300 signup offer
  4. Alternatively, make qualifying deposits above the $50,000 minimum amount into your new personal checking account and keep it there for 90 days.

When You’ll Get The Bonus

All customers who have successfully claimed their bonus received it within 15 days after the system verified their qualifying deposits.

Account Monthly Fees

Your monthly Bank of America checking account fees depend on your chosen personal checking account.

  • Bank of America Advantage Safebalance
  • Monthly Fees: $4.95. Bank of America waives its fees if you’re below 24 years of age or part of its Preferred Rewards program.
  • Bank of America Advantage Plus
  • Monthly Fees: $12 per month. Bank of America waives its fees if you deposit $250 monthly or have a maintaining balance of $1,500 daily.
  • Bank of America Advantage Relationship Banking
  • Monthly Fees: $25 monthly. Bank of America waives these fees if you have $10,000 in combined assets across various linked accounts. Alternatively, you can be a member of the Preferred Rewards program by Bank of America to waive the fees.

Bank of America Targeted $300 Bonus Offer

The bank selectively provides its $500 checking account opening. You can’t receive the bank account bonuses if you didn’t receive the email or see the advertisement.

However, those with a BoA credit card or existing Advantage banking account can receive a targeted $300 bonus offer.

Here’s everything you need to know about the qualifying direct deposit, minimum daily balance, and other details about BoA’s targeted $300 offer.

Expiration Date

This offer has already expired since April 2021. However, BoA frequently recycles its promotions. Thus, you’ll most likely see this offer again in the future. When it does, make sure you have enough qualifying direct deposits and amounts to maintain your minimum daily balance.

Steps to Use This Offer from Bank of America Checking Account

  1. Check if you’ve received the $300 targeted offer through your mobile banking account’s Special Offers & Deals Notification
  2. Click on the advertisement and head straight for the website application page
  3. Open a new Bank of America Core Checking or Bank of America Interest Checking Account before the promotion’s date expires.
  4. Receive qualifying direct deposits beyond $4,000 and keep it within 60 days.
  5. Keep the amount in your account for 90 days

When You’ll Get The Bonus

You’ll receive the $300 bonus within 15 days after the system confirms that you’ve fulfilled all the requirements. Make sure the account receives the required qualifying direct deposit within 60 days.

Account Monthly Fees

  • Bank of America Core Checking
  • Monthly Fees: $12 per month. The bank waives it if you make a qualifying direct deposit of $250 monthly or maintain an average daily balance of $1,500 in your account. Bank of America Core Checking account holders below 23 years of age or enrolled in its Preferred Rewards program have monthly fee exemptions, too.
  • Bank of America Interest Checking Account
  • Monthly Fees: You’ll pay $25 a month. You can have the bank waive this fee by linking other accounts for overdraft protection and ensuring all combined savings and checking accounts have a $10,000 total balance.

How Does This Compare With Other New Checking Account Offers?

Chase Total Checking $225

Chase’s Total Checking offer doesn’t require you to receive a targeted communication and referral link. You can use the promotion to your needs.

  1. Apply for a Chase Total Checking account
  2. Make a qualifying direct deposit within 90 days
  3. Maintain the account for six months
  4. Collect your $225 bonus within 60 days.

Chase’s promotion is still available until August 31, 2021. Apply for this banking account today and get a huge bonus on new checking accounts.

Take Advantage Of These Great Offers Today!

  • Bank of America’s Advantage accounts can give you $500 if you receive a promotional ad and apply through it.
  • Bank of America’s $300 bonus signup for Core and Interest accounts can give you $300 if you receive a targeted advertisement or communication.
  • Chase’s $225 Total Checking signup offer is an excellent alternative for both promotions
  • All promotions will expire on their appointed periods. However, Bank of America is likely to revive them in the near future.

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