Best place to sell gift cards online

15 Best Places to Sell Gift Cards Online for Instant Cash


    Are you one of those who have received a gift card but don’t know what to do with it? Some gift cards are just not meant for your taste and needs, but that doesn’t mean they have to go to waste. You can earn money by selling them and finally use that money to your heart’s desire! 

    There is approximately $1 billion worth of gift cards that go unused each year. When you sell your gift card,  there’s a win-win situation for you and the buyer. The buyer gets to use the gift card while at the same time, you get to enjoy the cash in hand. 

    It is time for you to explore the best places to sell your unwanted gift cards. Know which option will best satisfy your needs!

    Best websites to sell gift cards online

    Keep in mind that it is not without cost when you sell your gift cards. There is a commission of up to 15% of the selling price charged against you by the gift card exchange site.


    At Raise, you get to name your selling price to make sure that you get at the top of the listing to make a quick sale. So when you have a $30 Walmart gift card and your rivals sell the same for only  $26, Raise allows you to list yours at $25.95. Chances are, most buyers would prefer cheaper offers available on the site.

    It is another advantage that Raise is the largest existing gift card marketplace website. Many gift card buyers already know and trust this site. It means that you have more chances of selling your gift cards within 24 hours from listing.

    Once sold, expect to get paid via PayPal, check, or direct deposit. Payout request is allowed as soon as the gift card is sold. Wait within 48 hours from the sale to receive your payment from the transaction.

    Another reason to choose Raise is that the listing is free, and the commission is only 12% of the selling price. However, an extra 1% or $1 fee, whichever is higher, will be charged against you if you sell a gift card that requires to be mailed.

    Gift Card Granny

    If you want the easiest way to sell your card, Gift Card Granny is the perfect website for you. In a single query, you get to compare all the selling prices from different marketplaces. That way, you can make the necessary adjustment in your pricing, so you get to be on top of the listing. 

    Gift Card Granny grants you three options as regards how fast you want to sell your cards:

    1. Sell It Now

    2. Name Your Price

    3. Trade-In

    Choose the first one, Sell It Now, if you target cashing out your gift card in the fastest way possible. You get paid within three business days through various payment methods such as PayPal, direct deposit, or check.

    Choose either of the last two, Name Your Price or Trade-In, when you have more time to spare in selling your gift cards. These two options allow you to make more money than what you will earn when you choose the first one. Additionally, you also get to choose between getting paid in cash and swapping the card for your prefered gift card brand.

    Another reason to choose Gift Card Granny is to earn up to 92% of the card value if your gift cards have high demand. Some of the most popular gift card brands that are sold on this website are Best Buy, Apple, Starbucks, Nordstrom, Home Depot, Gamestop, and Target.


    One of the easiest ways to sell gift cards for cash is by selling them in-person. If you intend to receive some money in the fastest way possible, then CardPool is best for you. It allows you to sell your gift card personally at select kiosks and other business establishments. 


    • You may earn up to 92% cashback on the value of the card.
    •  You have the option to decide on your selling price.
    • CardPool also offers Amazon gift cards in exchange for cards from retailers.


    Whether you want direct selling or trade-in, CardCash can do that for you. 

    When you choose to trade, you can get as much as 14% more than your card’s value. Payment methods include check, PayPal, and direct deposit within 48 hours.

    When you choose to sell, you will be instantly offered a particular amount for your card. If your card brand has high demand, you can expect to receive up to 92% of the card value.


    At CardKangaroo, you have a limited option of selling physical gift cards as they no longer accept digital gift cards. You do not have to go to their physical store. Just mail them your gift cards without charge, and you will receive the value of your cards within 48 hours.


    ClipKard is among the few gift card exchange platforms which accept any gift card there is. So if you want to sell your gift card, which is not as demandable as others, check out their website and this could be the perfect place for you to sell yours. They will more likely accept your card than deny it.

    They will ask you to input some information about your gift card. ClipKard will offer you a value based on the retail brand and the retail value.

    When you are amenable to the price offered, it is time for you to ship the gift card to ClipKard. You may mail the gift cards by any means you prefer. However, if you want the shipping fees to be cared for by ClipKard, send your card via USPS First Class.

    Aside from selling gift cards, you can also collect ClipKard rewards. By garnering 1000 points, you get to have an easy $10. Redeem your rewards by purchasing any item from the website. 

    It is up to you how your earnings will be transferred or sent to you. You can do it via PayPal or check in the mail. Just make sure to choose which one will give you the most convenience.

    GC Spread

    GC Spread is pretty similar to ClipKard. Unlike the latter, the only difference is that GC Spread gives you the freedom to determine your gift card’s value or how much you want to sell it. You don’t have the same privilege when you sell your card at ClipKard.

    All you have to do is present your offer to GC Spread together with other pertinent information about your card. They can accept your request as it is, however, GC Spread still has the power to make a counter-offer. It would be up to you whether or not to accept it.

    Just like any other gift card app store, GC Spread will sell your card to those who might want to buy gift cards at best possible value. You get paid immediately, so make sure to have your payment details ready. Once you agreed to the deal, between you and GC Spread, upload your identification (ID) card and the details of any of your credit cards within 24 hours at their website.


    Among the few places where you can sell your gift cards for profit is eBay. However, you need to take extra precautions because many card sellers at eBay have already experienced being scammed by fraudulent buyers.

    One of the most common scams at eBay is that a buyer will immediately make a purchase with the card after paying for the card and receiving the card number and pin in his/her email address. He/she would then file a complaint against the seller for allegedly having sold a bad card.

    Avoid the hassle by following these tips:

    • Do not indicate the card number as well as the pin in the listing;
    • Remember to buy your postage using PayPal for eBay to track the shipping details; and
    • Never send the card number and the pin to the buyer’s email address even after the latter has made the payment. Before you do that, make sure that the buyer has received the actual card.

    Selling gift cards online is fun and exciting because it allows you to make money out of unwanted cards. Still, it can open up possibilities of you getting into trouble with fraudulent buyers. eBay reminds sellers to do all the safety tips mentioned above. Failure to do so would mean having to refund the buyer for what he or she has paid while at the same time losing the profit you could have earned from your gift card.


    If you don’t play video games and you received a gift card for Xbox Live, chances are, that gift card will wait in your drawer until the day it expires. Don’t let another gaming gift card be put to waste and let game enthusiasts know that you are selling one. You can do it via GameFlip website!

    Some of the most popular GameFlip gift cards aside from Xbox Live are iTunes, Amazon, PSN, and Google Play. This is the perfect one for you if you are a gamer and you win gift cards. You get to have cash in exchange for the gift cards you received.


    Exchange your gift cards for cash through QuickCashMi.

    Their website is comparably more comfortable to use than the other gift card exchange platforms. There is a drop-down list where you can find your gift cards to be sold. When you see your card from the list, just click on it. There are cards from Abercrombie to Yankee Candle and Zales.

    After selecting, type in the current value and enter the pin, if any. Hit the ‘Get Offer’ button afterward. Wait for buyers to buy your gift card and get your cash. 


    CheckIntoCash is another gift card exchange website you can choose to dispose of your unwanted gift card. There are many brands you can sell through them. Once sold, expect to receive payment on the same day. That’s how fast this website allows you to realize or receive your profit!

    It lets you cash in your checks, and at the same time, it also allows you to cash out your gift cards.


    This website has developed an app that supports faster and more convenient sale transactions. You can now easily track your funds and sales through the app using your mobile phone.The app allows you to cash out your gift cards more quickly and directly deposit funds into your bank account or credit card.

    You can now also sell gift cards in bulk using their app!If you want all these conveniences, choose this site to sell you partially used or unused cards.


    When you choose to sell your gift cards locally, it is best to have them sold through an app such as LetGo. LetGo allows you to meet up with the buyer first at the local business before the buyer pays for the card, just to make sure the balance still exists.


    You can post your listing without logging in to Craigslist’s website. You may post to one category and in one city but not more than once every 48 hours. Craigslist has almost similar functions and features to that of LetGo.

    Buyers can buy a gift card from a local store at a discount through Craigslist. Sellers will meet with the buyers at a specific store, and once the cashier has verified the balance, payment is made.

    Garage Sale

    Gift card exchanges are not for everybody. Although listing gift cards online or selling them through an in-person kiosk can be convenient for many, it can be a lot of work for some.

    A garage sale allows unwanted gift cards to be sold in the comfort of one’s home. However, there are things you need to consider. 

    • You may get a lower payment than the amount you could have earned should you have chosen to sell gift cards through any of those gift card exchange platforms.
    • It would still be the buyers’ willingness to pay that will determine the amount of your card in a garage sale.
    • Remember that when you opt for this garage sale, tell your buyers that they must contact the toll-free 1-800 number on the back to verify the balance before they buy it.

    Other things you need to know

    Can I cash in partially used cards?

    Yes. Many sites give you the option to cash in what’s left on your card. Thus, it is practical to make sure how much is left to get some money amounting to precisely what’s remaining in the gift card.

    Can I trade my cards for other cards?

    Yes. As written above, gift card exchange places allow you to trade your unwanted cards for more desirable ones instead of selling them. When you choose to trade for other cards, you get to minimize your selling fees.

    Useful Tips

    Know which site option is best for you

    It takes one day or a couple of business days from the actual sale before receiving your cash. If you are in urgent need of money, it is best to research which places to sell cards can immediately sell your gift card.

    Make sure to input your credit card details and other pertinent information for a smooth payment transaction.

    Know whether to trade or to sell

    As much as possible, get high-demand gift cards like iTunes, Starbucks, American Eagle, Fandango, and Amazon gift cards. These cards are best when traded. But do not lose confidence if what you have are cards that are unlikely to be traded because you can still earn by selling them.

    Know the features and advantages of selling your card on each site. That way, you will determine which website will get the best offer for your card.

    Buy discount gift cards

    All these gift cards for cash websites also sell discount gift cards. So if you cannot enjoy your gift card, you may try looking for more favorable and useful ones at these sites. A holiday, after all, can be a time for shopping that everyone must enjoy!

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    Consider all the tips written in this article and make the most of your unwanted gift cards. 

    You just have to find the right person who will surely appreciate the gift cards and maximize their benefits. That’s what gift cards for cash websites do — they try to connect and match people who want to dispose of their cards and those who might want them.

    Selling gift cards either online or in-person has proven to be one of the easiest ways to improve a person’s finances. By knowing each site’s specific features, you will indeed determine which one will truly help you sell your card at the best offer possible.