Best Things to Sell in a Bakery

The 8 Best Things to Sell in a Bakery this 2022


    It’s true when they say that there’s a cake for every occasion. There is, no doubt, a customer that is bound to want a birthday cake, and other kinds of celebration cakes, but it’s also true that people are bound to have this confession: it’s likely that they can be into other confections.

    Running a bakery is. ironically, not a piece of cake. This is to say that if you’re running a bakery as a business, cakes shouldn’t be the only items on your menu. So turn that cake shop into a bake shop, and provide new supply to meet other demands.

    Baked Goods and Sales

    Luckily, there are a lot of different bakery items to choose from. There are all types of treats, cheesecakes, the classic cinnamon roll, cupcakes, brownies, cookie bars, cake slices, cake pops, and other cake products that you are well within your means to make. But running a bakery as a business means that you aren’t so interested in what you can make, but what you should make that helps you turn a profit.

    Bakery owners say that two kinds of products are found in their inventories: favorite mainstays that help provide a stable source of profit, and novel innovations like mash-ups that yield higher impulse sales.

    So if baking is your bread and butter, what should you as a pastry chef post up on your pastry shelves, that is bound to help you boost up your bakery sales?

    Here are the best-selling baked goods for you.

    Top 8 things to sell in a bakery

    1. Cookies

    Cookies are no doubt one of the most best-selling bakery products out there and, despite the redundancy, people are still sure to agree. From the classic chocolate chip cookies to sugar cookies, cookie sandwiches, and unique flavors, cookies are a classic confectionary craving that should find a temporary home in your menu, before they are inevitably taken away by customers.

    Cookies are great because not only do customers habitually buy in bulk, retail bakeries are also bound to keep these items well-stocked. Cookies offer a large amount of variety due to all the different flavors and types you can have. Here is a list to get you started:

    • Chocolate Chip Cookies.
    • Peanut Butter Cookies.
    • Oatmeal Cookies.
    • Sugar Cookies.
    • Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.
    • Christmas Cookies.
    • Cookie sandwiches

    2. Cakes

    Cakes are still a given, and should always have a place on your baked items bracket. In fact, you can find much product success in pre-orders of well-made custom cakes. And once again, cakes are perfect for different occasions, and retail bakeries can never go wrong as businesses with having cake recipes ready for most special events.

    Customization is not only about choosing decorations, however. Be ready to have diversified options for cake icings, cake fillings, dough and flour, and more so that there are options and items for everyone. Gluten-free options are good to have, and specialized cakes for occasions like Valentine’s Day and Gender Reveals may help you turn a profit.

    3. Cupcakes

    The cupcake can be considered the cross between a cake and a cookie, in that much of the benefits of both baked goods can be found in your usual cupcake. Cupcakes can be made in batches, and are usually ordered in bulk by customers, so make sure you have enough cupcake wrappers for these treats!

    In addition, these bakery items are customizable and can come in a variety of cupcake flavors. Chocolate, cupcakes with cream cheese icing, double chocolate, red velvet, and the popular peanut butter cup are at the top of the list, and you can also add gluten-free options. Having these products are also perfect for customers who look for good, Instagrammable items to satisfy their social media feeds as much as their bellies.

    4. Muffins

    Muffins much like their close cousin, the cupcake, are equally good products to have on your menu. Unlike the cupcake which is often relegated as a dessert food, muffins find themselves coming up as a breakfast option, and morning people and beyond are happy to oblige.

    Muffins can also come in a variety of flavors, fillings, and toppings so there’s always room to try out a recipe or two and see how your customers respond.

    5. Cinnamon Rolls

    Cinnamon rolls are another of the popular bakery items that people crave, likely thanks to that familiar, aromatic scent. Consider adding them to your list of products and draw everyone in with that sweet, sweet smell.

    6. Bread

    Everyone loves a good piece of bread, as is evident by the fact that it hasn’t gone out of demand for the past 10,000 years! Bread is a staple of many diets, and while many have gone out of their way to make their own in their own home, most people will likely still opt to go to bakeries.

    Making homemade bread has recently gone on the rise, but nothing beats the touch of bakers with experience. Consider focaccia, sourdough, and buttermilk bread as items in your bakery, along with gluten-free and vegan options.

    7.) Brownies

    It’s hard to find someone with a sweet tooth that didn’t like a good brownie. Gourmet brownies are guaranteed to sell well, as more than being a straightforward bakery item, it’s hard to resist the classic chocolate taste, and there’s room to navigate the right ingredients and recipe for something that will appeal to your customers.

    There are plenty who love a brownie with thick chocolate fudge, while some love a cakey brownie, and a good turtle brownie has been found to sell well. Either way, bakers can’t go wrong with having one as a mainstay item in their shop.

    8. Donuts

    An equally quirky and handy shape, lovable deliciousness, and a whole variety of flavors, these are some of the things that make donuts great. While people haven’t decided on how to actually spell them, there is no question that donuts (or doughnuts) are very popular pastries.

    Much like most small pastries, donuts are easy to make en masse and are often bought packaged in boxes as well. One does not simply eat a single donut after all. Consider having a variety of flavors, like chocolate, bavarian, cream-filled, candy sprinkled, and the like. Everyone has their favorite flavor, and having choices helps cater to the demand.

    Baked Goods to Avoid Selling

    Just like there are pastries that fly off the shelves, there are some that take time to take off, or possibly hardly at all. There are many factors why this is the case for these particular bakery items, from being unfamiliar to just generally being acquired tastes, but either way, it’s safe to rethink your options if you have these on your menu.

    • Rice Krispie treats
    • Cookie bars
    • Unique & exotic cupcake flavors
    • Baklava
    • Turnovers
    • Cake pops
    • Mini pies

    Tips for Choosing Pastries That Sell

    While it can be said that the above lists are a good rule of thumb to follow, it’s not absolute. There are many factors that can affect the sale of items in bakeries outside of specific pastries, and if you find yourself asking what baked goods would sell, it would also be good to consider the following:

    1. What is your target market?

    An important question to ask is who you are baking for. Taste can vary from generation to generation. For instance, an older demographic may be inclined to simpler delights like cookies, while a younger market might go for pastries that they can post on social media like custom cupcakes. Appealing to the vegan market can greatly affect not only your menu but also the ingredients you use.

    2. Where are you located?

    Location affects your products as much as your target market will. Setting up a store near a business district may give you more affluent customers who like their confections on-the-go like donuts.

    3. Do you have a specialty or a pastry that you are passionate about making?

    If you find that you are skilled with a certain pastry, then, by all means, hone and perfect your craft. Being the best at what you do can very well be a gamechanger, and make your product the go-to in your given area.

    4. Offer limited-edition or seasonal products.

    People want what they can’t have, so having limited-edition products can help hype up your products and boost sales, especially if you market off-season. It’s also a good way for people to try something new every once in a while, because while everyone might love a good chocolate chip cookie, a new baked good and a new flavor every now and again can help spice things up.

    5. Give people a variety of options.

    Lastly, it’s important to give people as much choice as possible, and to do that, it’s ideal to have a healthy variety of pastry options, as you are more likely to appeal to the taste of your customer base.


    So keep in mind that while novelty helps with impulse sales, it’s always good to have a selection of the classics around to help you generate a stable income. However, make sure that you consider other factors that can affect your sales, like your own specialties, store location, and your customers’ tastes because at the end of the day, it’s to each their own.

    Sometimes what makes a sale is good marketing, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for more bakery marketing tips, and online marketing tools that you can use.