Energy Peak Saver Device

Filife team

    A while back our utility company offered a promotion for us to install an e-peak saving device on our central air conditioning unit. Well, since the heat wave has hit the northeast, the device has been activated multiple times for various periods of time. It is only utilized during “normal” work hours, usually in the afternoon (we were told never in the evening and not on weekends and that has held true). So far they call us in advance to tell us through a recording when the “event” will take place. What the device does is cycle our air on and off, that way by doing this with thousands of other customers they can reduce the peak demand and prevent brown outs, etc.

    We have not noticed any difference in comfort within our home. Now most of the time I am at work and the family is at the public pool, so most of the time we are not even around. But on several occasions I have been present and I do not notice a difference. So for us, there is no difference in comfort, and we received a $50 check and will receive another $35 this Fall after the cooling season ends. So far I am very pleased with our decision.