Festival of Frugality #120

Filife team

    Welcome to the Festival of Frugality #120. That makes this one of the longest running blog carnivals ever. A Penny Saved is lucky enough to be the host this time around, and I’ll try to be a good host. Without further adieu, here’s the frugal posts:

    William Blake presents: Time to Examine The Way You Spend at Becoming Debt Free.

    Pants in a Can presents: Find IT on eBay at Pants in a Can. That ranks up there as one of the coolest blog names ever, by the way.

    Tejvan writes about haggling: How To Haggle and Pay a Lower Price.

    Bryce writes: Avoiding Impulse Buys at Save and Conquer.

    Steve writes: Tips on Saving Money at Loan Advisor

    Betsy writes about saving money on your child’s prom: The $300 Prom Challenge.

    Sally writes: The Freeloader’s Toolbelt: 50 Tools to Help You Get Anything Free Online. No better way to save money than to get everything for free, right?

    Margaret offers up some great money saving ideas: 5 Money Saving Alternatives to Stuff We Do All the Time.

    Penelope writes: Homemade Coin Bank for Saving Wayward Coins. Save money on a piggy bank, and save cash at the same time.

    Money Crashers has a great list: 31 Ways to Be Frugal And Save Money.

    Kris offers some tips on takeout: Healthy Takeout on a Budget.

    Jennifer reminds us why we are frugal: 32 Reasons to Be Frugal Besides Saving Money.

    FMF gives us the Frugal Fundamentals.

    Aryn writes about simplicity: Clean the Clutter Out of Your Life to Free Your Money.

    David writes about mass transit, and busses in particular: $10 Bus Fares: Frugal or Frightening?.

    Jenny B talks about saving cash on books: Buying Books

    Joe D tells you how to avoid bankrupting yourself for breakfast: Starting Your Day Off Right.

    Ryan writes about the 99 Cent store: Hunting for Discounts: A Trip to the 99 Cent Store.

    Need to give a gift but don’t have much cash? Joanne wrote this just for you: Homemade Gift Basket Ideas For Any Occasion.

    Seb presents: Five things you should buy used.

    Ted writes about schoolbook bargains: Cheapest Textbooks Online.

    Enoch Ko put up a great post: Minimize expenses (revisited).

    Mrs Micah presents: The Amazing Powers of YourRxCard.com’s Prescription Card.

    RC presents: 30 Ways To Stretch and Maximize Your Dollar.

    Sarah teaches you how to save by paying more: Birkenstocks: A frugal love story.

    The Happy Rock presents: Virgin Mobile Deal: $60 For One Year Of Prepaid Virgin Mobile Service.

    Frugal babe writes about saving money on gardening with: Automatic Flowers.

    Alex writes about saving time and money about pet grooming: Likeable Pets

    Food and Groceries

    Squawkfox writes: Top Five Frugalicious Lunches.

    Stephanie presents: Meal Planning Without a Menu.

    Kevin writes: My Toothpaste Paid Me 17 Cents at No Debt Plan.

    Paidtwice offers this tip: Frugal Tip: Vinegar, Baking Soda’s Best Friend.

    NtJS writes: A Dirty, Frugal Job – Cloth Diapering at not the jet set.

    Transportation Tips:

    Deamiter writes about gas: Gas Prices Too High? Slow Down!.

    FIRE Finance offers a unique way to save on transportation costs: Car Pool, Ride Share, Hitch Hike your way to Fun & Dollars!.

    Penny Nickel has another post about the benefits of traveling by bus: Travel by bus: save hundreds of dollars, the environment, and your sanity!.

    Whew. When I was about 3/4 of the way through the submissions, I realized that there’s something called the “Instacarnival”, that basically makes the carnival super easy to put up. Naturally I didn’t notice it until I had done nearly all the work by hand! Yikes. Lesson learned, although a bit too late.