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15 Easy Ways to Get $15 Free Paypal Instant Cash

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    We often have little breaks daily or even whole days off for some. Ever got so bored that you start wondering if what else can you do with your free time? How about another job, oh it’s too short and hectic to apply for another job?

    You might wanna occupy your free time with something profitable but not as physically and mentally taxing while not demanding too much time from you. What if we told you that you can actually earn more money by doing things you regularly do like shopping and getting your groceries via your PayPal account and your email address? 

    Even sharing your opinions can get you paid and it is very doable. There are tons of ways to earn free paypal money and gift cards so we listed some things that you might want to check out. 

    PayPal, after all, is one of the most convenient ways to pay and receive money, might as well also get free PayPal money.

    Whether you are starting to build a new savings account or just simply making ends meet and make money, we are all for that extra money in our wallets, right? If you have a paypal account then here are some ways to get free money while on your free time. Passive profit, while you are getting paid at work.

    The only thing you will need to earn free money and/or gift cards is your paypal account. If you already have a verified paypal account well then you are one step ahead already! 

    However, if you still do not have a registered paypal account, do not worry, it is as easy as getting these free money and gift cards so go to and hit sign up! 

    You will need an email address too, everyone’s got their email address nowadays, right? Be sure to get paypal and do not forget to comeback here for 15 ways to earn free money.

    Mobile Cash Back

    1. Do everyday things you do online (Take surveys, watch videos, playing games, shopping online)

     There are one too many ways to earn free money online such as taking surveys, watching videos (some advertisements), playing games, and even shopping online. It is just, like everything, a matter of sifting through scams on the internet.

    Some of us love shopping online, well most of us, even. Remember those membership cards that earn points and other discounts and coupons you passed up on that one strip mall because you were overthinking it and concluded that “huh, why would a business give me free cash for nothing, must be a rip-off” well it is not and here is why: businesses need customers to make their ends meet. 

    But until when will you get ‘new’ customers? Human populations are limited, after all. So the best way to keep your business going is treating your customers now and again to keep them coming back. 

    That is why that discount was not a rip-off, it was a way, for some businesses, to get you coming back to them. Now do not worry too much on that missed chance, live everyone said, everything is online now. We have Swagbucks for discounts, coupons, gift cards, and even free money.

    Swagbucks, if you have not heard yet, is one of a few amazing websites operating on rewards and loyalty-driven consumership. As of 2020, they have already paid out over $400,000,000 to its countless members and is totally legitimate. They are partnered with great brands and provide free gift cards to its members and guess what, the best thing here is that upon signing-up (which is for free also), you automatically get $5 already, Swag Up on your first purchase and get another $10. 

    That’s already $15 ahead on your paypal cash while enjoying your shopping!

     2. Share opinions (Take surveys)

    Your random thoughts and opinions for sure always pops up whenever you are alone in the break room or while having your snack. Who would have thought that you can put them to good use and actually earn free paypal money from and/or free gift cards from it all?

    The following websites are survey centered and will need some information like your email address and/or opinions to get that free paypal money.

    Most of them work when you earn points for every survey you finish. Those points you collected can then be turned into paypal cash and other rewards which they list on their points conversion tables.

     Do not worry too, as most of these surveys can easily be completed in a short time and is does not require too much brain power for answering. We do not want a burden, right? We want easy, free, paypal cash.

    Survey Junkie is one of these survey websites where you collect points and trade them for free paypal cash. With over 6 million participants, and a slick user interface, you’ll easily finish their surveys in under 5 minutes. It may take some time to earn points but it is, like everything, up to you if you will see survey junkie as a stream of income or a waste of time.

    Vindale Research is also a survey site which will match your demographic to surveys which require you to share your opinions and pay you free money for doing so. It is pretty a straightforward and legitimate way to earn cash, easy, some might even say.

    Ipsos i-Say. Another one of those survey websites that can earn you free paypal cash and gift cards should you choose to do so. Ipsos is a market research company based in France and is totally legitimate. Accumulating points in this website however is not fairly easy but we can vouch for its reliability at least.

    Survey Voices is what those in the survey industry would call a survey aggregator. Survey voices does not directly gather information but instead leads you to survey websites that will pay you for taking surveys.

     3. Participate in market research

     Market Research based surveys are surveys created and disseminated for the purpose of gathering information in an effort to analyze and evaluate target markets by certain businesses. As Market Research bears an integral part of every startup company or business, thousands of surveys are always available at any moment to study marketable environments and in some cases, even customer behavior.

    The following survey-based tasks, free paypal money or gift cards provider are also using points earning and money conversion method which are all accessible through paypal.

    Survey Club is a very legitimate business but do not believe everything you read on the internet such as you get paid $350 per survey via paypal. Set your bars low when it comes to payout for survey-based earnings. Survey Club is a basic free sign-up paid survey site. Earn cash now.

     Pinecone research handled by a New York based Market Research company, pinecone is as legit as they come. However, they do not accept self-application for membership so either you go look for an advertisement banner about Pinecone Research or wait for someone who’s already a member since they accept referrals, it’s free though. Get free paypal money, get it free.

     4. Read emails

     Did you read that right? Get free paypal money on your paypal account just for reading emails? You read it right, you can even choose to read through the email or just click and view it. Get paid and get free cash for clicking, what site is this?

    Vindale Research, yup the same free survey site pays you by opening and reading emails. I know, it’s crazy but they pay. If you are even not in the mood to read emails, they pay out for just clicking and viewing emails. Same as their survey counterpart, you can also earn points and redeem and earn free paypal money.

    5. Get refunds, cashbacks

    Cashbacks are ways to get back a portion of returns to customers after purchasing a product as an incentive. A rewards program created by most businesses to earn patrons. Refunds on the other hand are ways to return money paid especially when the price of the recent item your purchased drops.

    Paribus with the dawn of cashbacks and other monetary refunds, Paribus is one of those cashback companies that negotiates consumers’ refunds when certain price drops are made shortly after the purchase of items. They partner with companies and brands so better check if you are a fan of those brands and companies first to enjoy Paribus’ services. You can get your free money online via paypal.

    It is also a great way of saving money while avoiding the hassle of going through every process of cashbacks and refunds yourself.

    Rakuten is a Japanese company that focuses on electronic commerce and online retail. They let you earn cash backs for purchasing and shopping through their site browser extension. They earn through commission if you are wondering how they are earning. Rakuten also gives a $10 sign up bonus so don’t miss this one.

     6. Shop for groceries

    This category is the same as cashbacks and refunds, but for this we chose Ibotta as it is the easiest and most lenient cashback company that gets you cashbacks at groceries. You can do it through others, but in our opinion, Ibotta is our go-to for grocery cashbacks.

    Ibotta is also a cashback company but unlike the previous cashback and refunds companies, Ibotta works with Walmart grocery pick-up. You can get paid as much as $20 per month when using ibotta. Get the app now for free, and enjoy the $10 sign up bonus.

    7. Step into the store

    This type of way to make money is fairly new. Imagine just going somewhere and getting paid free paypal cash money just for being there. How good can it get?

    Shopkick will pay you for literally stepping into the actual stores. If you sign-up and download the app for free, you will be able to accumulate points through entering stores partnered with Shopkick. Get the right amount of points and you can get paypal money worth $100. It’s a weird way to make money, honestly but money is money.

     8. Shop online

    Getting paid through your paypal by shopping online is as easy as it may sound. The diverse ways to make free money online is getting easier and everything is accessible via paypal. Can you imagine earning money by actually spending money? Even getting a gift card is not that bad, right?

    MyPoints is the free app for you if you are always making your purchases in Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot and even Amazon. Mypoints operates on a membership program where you can get paid $10 for just signing up. You can also play games, watch videos, and answer surveys in MyPoints. It is like a one stop shop for cashbacks, paid surveys, and other side gigs. You can redeem accumulated points via paypal or gift cards like steam gift cards if you’re a gamer.

    Rakuten Rewards (Formerly Ebates) is a daughter company of Rakuten based in San Francisco Bay Area, and San Mateo, California. They work pretty much like Rakuten. Earn points through shopping and get paid via paypal. Make sure to check their site and get free cash.

    Drop App gets free paypal money through your midnight cravings to your breakfast coffee. Get money to your paypal account then through your savings account through drop app. It basically lines up your purchases with existing offers you have seen through the free app. Get paid for spending.

    Mystery Shopper do not worry, this is not the scam online where you have to pay a mystery shopper. Ipsos mystery shoppers are people hired to shop in certain stores to make sure that brands deliver on their core values and marketing promises. It’s pretty much like being a judge of brands. Get paid while working flexible hours in your own time. It’s one of the top tier ways to earn extra cash while shopping. Go check Ipsos’ site for more information.

    9. Scan receipts

    The following applications are free apps to make money for your paypal account while being able to organize your paper receipts. Most of these apps digitize your receipts so it is also a fun way to declutter while saving money.

    Receipt Hog is a fun way to organize your receipts but they do not actually give free money to pay the bills. You get paid change in exchange for organizing your receipts. Win-win, right? Check their site for more information. You can earn points and exchange them with paypal cash or any gift card listed in their rewards.

    GetUpside is a receipt app that digitizes your receipts and gives you cashbacks for gas stations, groceries, and restaurants. It may not be free paypal money but as tons of gas deals can be found using this app, your savings account would flourish if you keep at it for a whole year. Check their site for more information.

    Dosh gives you a $5 sign up bonus and getting ways to make money sure feels like every dollar should count, Dosh partners with hotels and other merchants so be sure to check their site and app if you are travelling often. Cash refunded, rebated, returned is money saved.

    10. Write reviews

     You may not be the best writer around but reviews pretty much only are less than a hundred words long. It is a fairly easy way to earn that free paypal money while on your work break. Make paypal cash money while at work and watch your savings account grow in no time.

    Slice the pie, do you like music, movies, or even fashion? Maybe you have a knack for those things. Slice the pie is a site where you can make money or earn free paypal money. Make money through your preference, that’s a great way to earn free paypal money. They also catch on if you get repetitive so better bring your A game for reviewing, it’s also practice, who knows maybe you’ll be one of those tough critics!

    11. Test websites

    Test websites are websites that allow you to test prototypes of big companies while giving you tests, surveys, and/or interviews that pays you through paypal. These types of ways to earn money is legitimate as businesses would need to test first their products before rolling out for mass production.

    User testing is a site where you can get ways to make your product better. But since we are of course looking for those ways to make chump change paypal cash money to transfer on our savings account, we will use Usertesting. It has three simple steps. One of course is to sign up, two is to take their tests and surveys on a prototype product, then get paid cash money amounting to $20 for every 20-minute tests you complete. You can also earn more for interviews.

    12. Sell used items

    Selling used items is one way to earn that extra cash money. Sure, ebay works and even actual physical garage sales, but if there is a website for it, would it not be better? Make use of your electronic devices and cellular data subscriptions diligently. Capitalize on each subscription by doing everything that can earn you money online. That way, the phone and internet bills do not sound too crazy anymore.

    Decluttr is a website where you can sell used items and earn a little bit on top of your price for selling through decluttr. It is also totally free, so why sell it physically where you can earn on top of your actual profit? It’s not that big of a pay out but even 50 cents can go a long way if you do it often. Get rid of your things while you make money. Go check out their website for more information.

    13. Play games

    So if you’re a hardcore gamer and a streamer, what other ways can you do to earn cash while your twitch channel is not yet getting the proper attention? Just kidding, you do not have to be anything close to hardcore to play gameswhile getting paid paypal money. Even if you are just a casual gamer who spends toilet hours for random gaming apps, the following games sound good to us.

    Mistplay is an application for android users that lets you play and earn money. Do not get too ambitious however since it will take some time, depending on how you play, to earn real cash. It is a free app and it does get you that paypal cash. It has also been around for a couple of years now so you probably would not go wrong for mistplay.

    Cube Cube is also a gaming application that lets you compete with other players and gable away real money to bet on yourself. It is fun and addictive so if it pays real cash, it would not hurt anyone to try.

    Bubble Shooter is an IOS gaming application where players shoot bubbles and get high scores. The thing that separates bubble shooters from other games is that you can actually earn real paypal money for getting a high score. Sure it won’t pay your bills but if it is paypal cash we are talking about, that has to amount to something especially when you are saving.

    14. Share your car

    You get around in your car, your trusty automobile that your ride to and from work. Even on holidays you use your car to get around. Why not also use your car to get you that extra cash? Maybe you tried uber or lyft? Well maybe it is time for you to try to getaround. Get it?

    Getaround if your car is just sitting around in the parking lot while you work, why not use it to make more money? Getaround will rent out your car and do all the paperwork for you. It is less stressful than uber and lyft as they don’t actually require a driver to drive around. It’s basically making your car work for that extra paypal cash. Check their website for more information.

    15. Just download the app

    Alright, hear us out here. Some smart phone applications require payments to be downloaded and used. What if we told you there are some applications in which you reverse rolls where you download it for free and pay you for just using your device and keeping them online?

    Nielsen Panel pays you to download their application and register your device. They just need it to be online and in-use. The pay-out is $50 per device annually. Imagine getting paid for just using your phones and what if you have more than one device? They let you register smart phones, tablets, personal computers, and even laptops. What if you have 8 devices at home which are connected to the internet and actively used all year-round? That is already $400 per year. You cannot unsee that extra $400 on your annual net worth, we know.

    SavvyConnect is a smart phone application that you can download for free and pays $5 per device every month. Get that extra paypal cash by joining the savvyconnect community and earn incentive rewards which you can redeem through paypal. All you have to do is install the savvyconnect application on your smartphone, personal computer, tablet, or laptop and start earning passive and free paypal money.


    Gold Coins

    So, were you able to follow and check out all those ways to earn extra free paypal money incentives and gift cards? It was easy right? At the end of the day, you will be the one to decide how to use your small breaks and days off.

    Will you sacrifice your short resting periods to earn chump change and get a better financial standing and not just make ends meet but actually live a life financially secured? Or will you doze off your short breaks and days off? It is always up to you. 

    Your financial standing is how you make it so, priorities, habits, and responsibility are the key to financial freedom. Aim high so that you would not need to go through all the hassle of making ends meet and actually tiring out your physical health. After all, health is wealth because medical operation bills are sky high.