14 years old teen earn money

How Can I Earn Money At 14: Ways And Pro Tips

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    Kids and teenagers are mostly dependent on their parents when it comes to finances. Parents pay for everything because that is their obligation. However, there are already a couple of things that you can do to earn some cash at this age. 

    These earnings may be used to help your family if you ever find yourselves in some difficult financial situation. This can also be used to augment your allowance and pocket money or buy some things you want without making it an additional burden to your parents.

    Additional money can also be saved. Since your parents are still being sustained, then any extra money you earn can go to your savings. Learning how to save early is an important habit that can spell financial success for you as an adult. 

    Doing some odd jobs and activities that can generate some income are also learning experiences. You can never go wrong in planning to earn money at 14 years old.

    Your adolescence is the best stage of your life to learn skills. Make the most out of it and earn some cash in the process. In this article, we will give you some ideas on different activities that you can do to earn cash and engage in some worthwhile activities in lieu of wasting your time on hobbies that can cause problems in the long haul.

    Simple Ways How To Earn Money At 14

    1. Sell DIY Stuff At School

    One of the ways to make money at a young age is by selling do-it-yourself (DIY) stuff at school. Think of something that you excel at or that you are passionate about. 

    If you are skilled at painting, then make money out of it by painting your peers for commission. You can also paint stuff like bookmarks or stickers. If you are into baking, start mass-producing cookies and cupcakes and sell them to your school peers. Bake something and bring a sample to your school and give it around. Once they like it, they can buy from you the next time.

    Other people appreciate it when one sells something that he or she created. Use your creative juices to think about what you can produce and, after that, sell to earn extra money.

    2. Do Yard Work And Snow Shoveling

    Make use of your physical strength and stamina to earn money. Engage in yard works like shoveling snow during the winter season, raking leaves in the fall, yard clean-up and planting during the spring, and mowing and weeding in the summer. 

    This is a great way to make money because the work is available all year round depending on the season. Just look around your neighborhood and see who would most probably need your work. 

    Better yet, let them know that you are offering to take care of their yard for a commission. They would surely love that. Some people are too busy or too indisposed for these tasks. Some have multiple jobs, and others may be old and sick for these chores. Give a helping hand and earn at the same time.

    3. Working For A Business Or Restaurant

    At the age of 14, you very well know how limited the jobs you can get. But that does not mean you would never get one. There are some types of jobs where your age doesn’t matter so long as you can get the job done efficiently. 

    Make money by bussing tables at restaurants, organizing documents in offices, stocking shelves at grocery stores or, stacking books in libraries. These tasks are easy and manageable, even for teenagers.

    4. Paper Route

    Paper routes used to be one of the best ways to make money. People loved it when a paperboy on a bicycle delivers printed newspapers to their homes or offices.

    The advances in information technology may have reduced the demand for this work, but so long as opportunities for this work are still available, you have the chance to find one and make good money out of it.

    There are still people that prefer reading newspapers. When you find a local route, which you surely will make the most out of it, get the hard work done by delivering in all weather types. 

    Young people engaged in paper routes get paid not only by the newspaper’s price but also by the surmounting tip that customers willingly give. This is fun and is also a great way to do some physical activity that is also good for your health.

    5. Pet Care

    Home pets have always been a thing for many but most especially today in the age of social media. Seize this opportunity to earn money because many people are getting their pets nowadays.

    While it may be an advantage to have your pet, it does not matter so long as you can handle pets’ basic daily needs. Some common pet care activities include almost everything from having to walk and run with a dog. You may just be asked to sit around the house with a cat. It can also be as simple as looking after a goldfish while the owner is away.

    You may not even notice that you are trying to earn money because pet care does not demand so much work from you. Most of the time, owners hire pet sitters for the sole purpose of easing their minds of worry while they are away. If you are a pet lover, that is a plus because you will get paid by hanging out with adorable pets.

    6. Junior Camp Counselor

    A 14-year-old like you can start making money as a junior camp counselor. Engaging in this work is a way to make money and an avenue to develop resourcefulness and leadership skills.

    Make the most out of this work. Meaning, improve on as many skills as possible because a good junior camp counselor is a stepping stone to becoming a senior camp counselor once you become 16 years old. Being promoted to such means higher money earned.

    You can never know what else may be in store for you in the future from the experiences you will have from this part-time work. The camp is always fun, and this kind of work will also hone your leadership and communication skills.

    14 years old teens earn money

    7. House Cleaning

    Earning money by house cleaning is one of the easiest ways to make good money. Many people hire house cleaners regularly. They pay a high price for house cleaning services. So the more houses you contracted to clean, the more money you make. Make sure to render good service and establish a trusting relationship. The more clients you get, the easier it will be for you to earn well.

    Moreover, if you do your job well, your clients can tell other people what a good job you do. They can start recommending you, and these recommendations can go a long way. It would be the clients who will contact you, and you will spend less effort in offering your services. You have to keep on pushing yourself to do this work. Some people find satisfaction by doing these kinds of tasks. Cleaning can be relaxing and therapeutic.

    Those 14 years old like you do not have to experience getting a house cleaning service done. More often than not, clients are very specific in their instructions. Just listen carefully, be polite, and do not hesitate to ask questions if you have some doubts. They are always happy to help kids get their jobs done.

    Start making money by registering on platforms that will match you with people looking for house cleaners. Plan your schedule. Work only during weekends where you are most probably available. You can still earn a lot of money as a 14-year-old even if you clean houses only once or twice a week.

    8. Sell Products Online

    Most, if not all, people nowadays are on social media. You can make money by selling stuff on various social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

    Sell all your unwanted and unused stuff. Try decluttering your wardrobe for old clothes you are not wearing anymore. You will surely find a lot. You may not realize it, but you must be keeping a lot of stuff that you are not using. So why not make some cash out of them?

    You may even find a lot more stuff that no one in your family is making use of like books, bags, baseball bats, toys, video games, and so on. Maybe your brothers and sisters know of things in your house that you may dispose of through selling.

    Take good pictures of your items and post them online. People would be more interested in buying your stuff if they are pretty-looking as advertised on the internet. Besides social media platforms, you can also sell them through Amazon or Craigslist or other websites and applications dedicated to these kinds of transactions.

    9. Start A YouTube Channel

    Teenagers who are 14 years old and above make money, a lot of it, through YouTube. They make money through the advertisements pop-ups in their video. The more subscribers they have, the more money they make. It is not too early to start a channel. In fact, one of the highest-earning content creators on YouTube is an eight-year-old boy who reviews toys!

    The contents of these channels are almost anything. It is a good way to make money and channel your talents, passion, which you cannot otherwise do. You can talk about school. You can stream games. You can make fun of videos with your friends and so on. You can even start some tutorials if you have some skills like playing the piano, solving math problems, or doing make-up!

    However, one downside of this project is that it may take time before you get a substantial number of followers. You need to persevere and enjoy it for as long as possible. The monetary incentives of YouTube channels can be immense, so it is going to be worth it.

    10. House Sitting

    Families often find themselves in need of this kind of service, and 14-year old kids are always looking for ways to make money, so this is a perfect match. When adults want to go on a vacation or visit relatives from a different state or country, they do not want to leave their house unattended. They need someone else to take care of the house, and they are willing to pay them. 

    This kind of job is easy. You need to look after the house, do minimum chores like dusting surfaces from time to time, watering the plants, doing some yard work, and having pets. Then it can also involve pet sitting–feeding, grooming, bathing, and walking.

    You can talk to the homeowner about how much you will get paid for the chores and that they will be gone each day.

    Importance Of Saving Early

    It is never too early to start saving money. The earlier you save the money that you earn, the better. If you have been saving for a longer time, it follows that more money will be accumulated in your savings account. It is a simple idea. 

    However, saving is not easy. You have to do work to earn. Making money is not easy. It requires hard work, it requires sacrifices, and it means being disciplined in keeping your extra money instead of spending them on good stuff like new clothes, games.

    Delayed Gratification For A Better Purpose

    What young people have to realize is that delayed gratification is more important than the instant one. Spending and buying good stuff is tempting. It pleases us to be the first to have a new model of smartphone, for instance. 

    This is especially true when we are young and when impressing our friends and peers and blending in matters a lot. However, this kind of satisfaction is very temporary.

    The clothes that you bought will get old and out of style. A new model will supersede the latest smartphone model that you bought with your hard-earned money. Young people should learn to make good choices and mature decisions. Kids usually don’t know the value of money. 

    Start Them Young

    It is always important to learn this at an early age. Being smart about money is best learned from childhood or adolescence. It is a habit that is built over the years.

    Practically speaking, it is also a good idea to save money while we are yet to be obliged to pay for our stuff. Meaning that all of the money you earn can go to your savings since your parents still get stuff for you. 

    They still pay for your food in your stomach, the clothes on your back, and the roof of your head. This means that making money is not done for the required spending. Thus, the money can be saved either for posterity or for some things that you want.

    It is still better to buy some stuff with the money you make than to get these things using the money that other people like your parents work for. There is always a feeling of satisfaction when you make money by yourself through hard work and using it to buy things. 

    By earning money on your own and using that money for your wants, you learn its real value and put more value on things you bought and own.

    14 years old teen save money

    What Are The Things You Need To Do If You Want To Save Money? 

    1. You Need To Know How Much You Make. 

    After this, you need to be aware of your expenses. What are the things that you usually spend on? And then you need to decide what are the things that you need and what are the things that you can let go or stop spending on.

    2. It Might Be A Good Idea To Have A Target. 

    For example, you want to save $200 by your birthday, and perhaps you want to treat the people close to you or get a new gaming console. 

    After having a target, you can slowly work on reaching that amount. Kids usually use piggy banks to save. This is not bad, but it might be better if you open a savings account. A lot of banks offer bank accounts for young people. You can ask your parents for supervision and make them open an account on your behalf.

    These are just a few steps that you can take to save and make money accumulate. But after you find a different way to make money through work and other activities, it is now time to know where to put it.

    What To Do With Your Money?

    Having substantial money at the age of 14 is a feat. But if you get to a point where you have money and do not know where to put it, that indicates that you are in pretty good shape financially. Indeed, where to put my money is a good question, a good problem. Here are a few answers

    1. Save It For Your Future.

     There are a lot of reasons why we make money. One of the most common ones is for the future. If you are young, then it only means that you have a long way ahead of you. One sure way to make your future easier is to have some cash for whatever need may arise. Saving for the future is always a good idea. It is always a sensible plan people make.

    2. Start Your Own Business.

    Aside from working for other people, one great way to make money is to start a business. Young people are not usually welcoming to this idea. Indeed, business needs skill and knowledge, and dedication. 

    As teenagers, you have so much to learn. But the best way to learn is to do it. That is why if you think that you have a knack at business, why not use your saved up money to start a small one.

    A small business can go a long way, can make money if you are diligent enough. Harness your skills and interest. For example, a lot of kids nowadays know and enjoy baking or making dessert. 

    If you are one of them and make delicious pastries and sweets, why not use some of your savings and start a small business. By starting a business, you are gaining experience, and you are also doing something to make money grow.

    3. Invest In Other’s Business. 

    Not everyone has the time to work on his or her own business. Especially if you are young and are still in school. In this case, make money grow by investing it in other people’s business. If your family has a business, then you can talk to your folks about investing your savings to make money through your business.

    Another choice is to get to know other businesses, talk to adults in the family, and ask them to make a deal on your behalf. You can invest your savings there and make money while doing next to nothing. Consulting an adult is ideal because they will know some things you don’t know as a teenager.

    4. Don’t Forget To Treat Yourself. 

    To make money and to save it is not easy. As mentioned, it requires a great deal of sacrifice. It is also nice to get something nice from the money that you make. Doing so would make you feel more motivated and inspired. You cannot keep depriving yourself of things that spark joy.

    After all of the effort and energy you spent making money, you should let yourself be happy by using it on important things. Go and eat with your friends and family. Buy yourself a new pair of shoes. Go and buy that smartphone or game console. Motivation is always important.


    Seeing teenagers make money on their own is fascinating. Having a substantial amount saved up at a young age is an indication of character. It means that you are hard-working, creative, dedicated, and disciplined. 

    These characters can make a person successful. By saving money, you are both setting yourself up for financial success as an adult, and at the same time, developing important characteristics that will make you succeed in other aspects of your life in the future.

    By trying a couple of the things that we have recommended in this article, you are investing, not financially, and your overall development as a young person who will thrive in the real world. Your age should not prevent you from earning money as young as you are right now.