how to Check Balance On Amazon Gift Card

3 Simple Ways to Check Balance on Amazon Gift Card

Contents is an online retailer where you can purchase various products from music to books to movies to houseware – you name it! So if you’re gifted an Amazon gift card, then consider as your treasure box.

    An Amazon Gift card has no expiration date. You can use these gift cards to buy any item in the Amazon store. But before you start adding to the cart, you must first redeem your card. Then learn how to check balance on Amazon gift card in 3 simple ways!

    3 Options to Check The Balance on Amazon Gift Card

    From Amazon Website

    1. Go to
    2. Log into your account. In the upper right corner, hover over Accounts & Lists. Select “Account”.
    3. Select Gift Cards.

    Amazon Web Page

    On this page, you’ll see your “Gift Card Balance”. You can also redeem an Amazon gift card on this page. Lastly, in the “Gift Card Activity” section, you’ll see all the Amazon gift cards that you have successfully claimed.


    Mobile Website

    1. From your mobile device browser, go to the Amazon site
    2. Tap the three parallel lines at the top left corner, then select Account.
    3. Scroll down to the “Payments” section then tap “Manage gift card balance”.

    Just like on the desktop computer, you’ll see your “Gift Card Balance” on this page. You can also see your balance activity.


    Via Amazon app

    1. Launch the Amazon app on your mobile device.
    2. Tap the three parallel lines in the top left corner.
    3. Tap “Gift Cards & Registry”.
    4. On the next screen, you’ll see your Amazon gift card balance displayed under the Amazon logo.

    When you tap your balance, a pop-up will appear. It will show your Amazon gift card balance again as well as options to redeem a gift card or reload your balance.

    Note: You first need to redeem your gift card before you can check the balance. That said, you can either call Amazon customer service or redeem the gift card.


    How to Redeem an Amazon Gift Card Balance

    1. Go to the Amazon site.
    2. Log into your Amazon account. On the “Your Account” page select “Gift Cards”.

    On this screen, you’ll see your Amazon gift card balance and balance activity.

    1. Tap the “Redeem a Gift Card” button.
    2. Enter the claim code on the back of the Amazon gift card. Amazon will then let you how much money you have on the card.
    3. Click “Apply to your balance”. Doing so will add the money to your account.

    Once done, your Amazon gift card balance will be updated. You can use this the next time you buy a product from Amazon.

    Note: You can also reload your balance on this screen.

    Also, you can redeem your Amazon gift card upon purchasing an item. Here’s how:

    1. Go to the Amazon site.
    2. Log into your account. Find the item you want to buy and tap “Add to Cart”.
    3. If you want to buy more, then add them as well. Once done, tap “Proceed to checkout”.
    4. Fill up the necessary details. When you reach the payment method page, scroll down to “Gift Cards”.
    5. Enter your claim code then tap “Apply”.

    The balance of the Amazon gift card will be taken off from the total amount of your purchase.

    But what if the Amazon gift card balance exceeds your total purchase amount? You can use the remaining balance in your next purchase.

    Where Can You Buy The Best Gift Card?

    • Gift Card Granny: This marketplace has a large collection of discount gift cards. When you buy from Gift Card Granny, you can save up to 65%. Plus, this website allows you to verify the gift card balance before purchasing.
    • CardCash: This is an online gift card marketplace where you can buy and sell discounted gift cards. They have gift cards from over 600 brands including Walmart, Starbucks, and Target.
    • They are considered the largest online gift card marketplace. They offer discounts of up to 35%. Some of the gift cards they sell include Macy’s, Spotify, and GameStop.
    • Gift Card Bin: They have a smaller selection of gift cards as compared to the previous online retailers. You can buy electronic or physical gift cards. For physical cards, they’ll arrive via mail within 10 business days. For digital cards, they will appear in your account within two business days.
    • Raise: Another popular e-commerce website that enables third-party sellers to sell new or used Gift Cards alongside their regular products. With this online platform, you can buy discounted gift cards. You can find gift cards in some of your favorite stores.

    It’s best to purchase gift cards directly from Amazon. But you can purchase these gift cards from any authorized third party.

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    Can You Buy An Amazon Gift Card Using PayPal?

    No. You can’t purchase an Amazon gift card with PayPal. However, there are third-party websites that sell Amazon gift cards. They might accept payment via PayPal.

    But it’s best to purchase Amazon gift cards straight from Amazon. Another option is to get a PayPal MasterCard. You can then use it to buy a card directly from the Amazon site.


    You can’t buy happiness. But with an Amazon gift card, you can buy things that can make you happy.  So if you received an Amazon gift card, redeem it.

    Once done, you can then transfer the amount to update your Amazon gift card balance. On your next purchase, the Amazon gift card balance will be used automatically. So no need to remember to use your gift card.

    You can also choose to save up your gift card balance. Upon check out, simply uncheck the box next to the “Use your gift card balance” option.

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