How to Check Your Balance On Walmart Gift Card

3 Simple Ways to Check Your Balance on Walmart Gift Card


    Buying a gift for our loved ones is common for many of us to show how much we cherish them. However, buying the perfect gift can be challenging — especially if you have too many options to choose from yet have too little time to shop.

    If you want to save yourself from the hassle and stress of gift-giving but still make someone’s day, a gift card is your best bet. Luckily, you can head to your nearest Walmart or shop on their website for the gift card of your choice.

    What is Walmart and a Walmart Gift Card?

    Walmart is one of the largest retail companies, both in the United States and internationally. It currently operates over 11,510 stores in 27 countries, serving millions of people on different continents all day.

    Walmart sells Gift Cards in its traditional plastic form and eGift cards in digital format. 

    Like any gift card, its owner is allowed to buy whatever he/she wants as long as it’s within the card limit. What’s great about Walmart is that you can purchase gift cards that you can use for numerous other retail stores and service providers.

    What are the types of Walmart Gift Cards?

    Walmart offers a wide range of gift card options to choose from. It sells Gift Cards and eGift Cards that you can use exclusively in Walmart stores. It also offers hundreds of gift cards that the owner can use for a specific merchant. You can use the Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX Gift Cards across multiple establishments that accept them.

    You can also choose various styles for your Walmart gift card that you can use in Walmart stores. You can select a card based on an occasion, like a holiday or baby shower, or maybe solely for its cute design.

    These are the types of gift cards available in Walmart:

    • Walmart Gift Cards
    • Walmart eGift Cards
    • Visa/Mastercard/AMEX Gift Cards
    • Restaurant Gift Cards
    • Travel Gift Cards
    • Lifestyle Gift Cards
    • Retail Gift Cards
    • Entertainment Gift Cards
    • Prepaid Airtime Gift Cards

    How to check the balance on your Walmart Gift Card

    You can choose from three different options to check your Walmart Gift Card balance: online, local Walmart stores, and Walmart’s Customer Support. 

    You have to note the important card information are the 16 digit gift card number and the PIN code.

    Check gift card balance

    1. Check online

    The most convenient way to check your Walmart gift card balance is online, which you can do anywhere as long as you’re connected to the internet.

    • Log into your account on the Walmart website.
    • Open the Check Gift Card balance page.
    • Fill up the form with your 16 digit gift card number and four-digit PIN code.
    • Click the Get Card Balance button to view your card balance.


    2. Check your balance on local stores

    You can also visit your nearest Walmart and ask their staff for your Walmart gift card’s balance.

    • Go to Walmart’s Store Finder and input your zip code.
    • Visit the Walmart store of your choice.
    • Ask the counter staff to check your gift card balance.


    3. Check your balance on Walmart Customer Support

    Finally, you can call their Customer Support to inquire about your remaining card balance.

    • Call 1-888-537-5503 to reach Walmart Customer Support.
    • Select the right extension numbers.
    • Dial your 16 digit gift card number.
    • Hear your gift card balance.


    Where Can You Buy the Best Gift Card?

    Visit the following websites to find the best gift cards and deals!


    Other Things You Need to Know

    Where to buy Walmart Gift Cards and how to activate them

    You can buy a Walmart Gift Card straight from any Walmart store or through their website.

    You are not required to activate gift cards that are less than $250 in value, eGfit cards, or those that are part of a bulk purchase of fewer than 25 cards. However, you must activate Walmart plastic Gift Cards purchased in a bulk purchase of 25 cards and an order of $250 or more. 

    You will receive an email with a password to activate your Gift Card. If you did not receive this email or cannot find it in your inbox, contact Walmart’s Customer Care.

    What can you purchase with Walmart Gift Cards?

    Depending on the type of your Gift Card or eGift Card, you are free to purchase whatever you want from the store of your choosing.

    For example, if you’re gifted a Walmart Gift Card, you can only use it in Walmart stores (including Sam’s Club) in the US or Puerto Rico.

    If you have an Xbox Gift Card, you can buy video games or anything in the Xbox Store. Meanwhile, you can use a Visa Gift Card just like a regular credit or debit card.

    How to use your gift card to make an online purchase

    You can use either your plastic gift card or eGift cards when shopping online on Follow these steps:

    • After you’ve finished shopping, proceed to checkout.
    • Check if your delivery and pickup information is correct.
    • Under Enter Payment Method, select Gift card.
    • Enter your 16 digit gift card number and PIN code. (Note: If you have a plastic gift card without a PIN code, you can only use it in-store and not on
    • Click Apply Gift Card.

    You can use a maximum of five gift cards at once or a combination of a gift card and other payment methods at checkout.

    If your total order is less than the amount on your Walmart Gift Card, you can use the remaining card balance in the future. But if it’s more than the amount on your Walmart Gift Card, you will have to pay for the difference with either an additional gift card or credit/debit card.


    Giving a gift card to someone you love gives them a choice to buy their favorite things and enjoy great experiences. In the end, make sure that you choose a gift card that your loved ones will appreciate.

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