How to Check Starbucks Gift Card Balance Online

How to Check Starbucks Gift Card Balance Online


    People often find it difficult to choose a present for a relative, friend or a special someone during celebrations and occasions. This is normally because we are uncertain of what to give as a gift. Here’s why gift cards come in very handy. 

    Have you ever tried using gift cards? Or have you received one yet? It’s ideal to know how to use it especially learn the reminders before using one— like a Starbucks Gift Card!

    What Is a Starbucks Gift Card?

    A Starbucks gift card is what Starbucks offers for people who would love to treat their coffee-lover friends, colleagues, and/or families! It also comes in two kinds, physical and virtual cards without any specific expiry date. Like most gift cards, both can be used the same way as a debit or credit card. 

    Are Gift Cards Such as the Starbucks Gift Cards an Ideal Gift for Special Occasions?

    Of course! While most people struggle in finding the best present for someone, a Starbucks gift card would be a practical option to consider. After all, you can purchase a different item other than coffee if you aren’t into caffeine. We’ll delve into how you can use your card best shortly!

    How to Use a Starbucks Gift Card

    Firstly, the available balance of these gift cards can be utilized at any Starbucks store for purchasing any item that is available for sale. For example, with this card, you can pay for your dine-in coffee, takeaway beverage, and ready-to-eat food, and even other merchandise. However, similar to other merchandised cards, the unused balance of a Starbucks card cannot be exchanged for cash in any condition.

    Take note that whenever you make a payment at any Starbucks store or stall, then you need your card’s 14 digits serial number along with a security code of 4 digits.

    How to Register a Starbucks Gift Card

    Like many other things, registering gift cards can be easily done online. Anyone can register a card by visiting the official website of Starbucks and click on the “Gift Cards”. Then, you will be required to select or enter the amount you want to add to your card. Upon adding the money, you will be asked to provide the necessary details along with your payment details. By then, you will be able to check out. 

    Should you have completed a successful registration, your card will be ready to use instantly.

    Can I Use My Starbucks Gift Card Outside Starbucks?

    Unfortunately, no. Starbucks allows one to load a dollar value to a Starbucks Card that they can exclusively use in participating Starbucks stores. But, if you’re wondering where to use the card you own, as mentioned earlier, similar to any merchandised cards, these cards may come with some restrictions.

    Normally, the gift cards issued to areas like Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Portugal, Russia Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, and Turkey may only be used in the market for which they were issued.

    Rest assured, the good thing about these cards is that they are guaranteed accepted at almost every Starbucks location in North America, including all the airports and grocery stores where a Starbucks store is available. Should you be from the U.S., Australia, Canada, Ireland, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the United Kingdom, then you have the liberty to also use Starbucks gift cards interchangeably.

    Ways to Check the Remaining Balance on Your Starbucks Gift Card Online

    A Starbucks Gift Card Balance can easily be checked through the internet-supported mobile, a personal computer, or a laptop.

    1. Check through your Starbucks account online.

    • From there, you must sign in to your account and click ‘Check Balance’ seen at the bottom of the webpage upon logging in. 
    • You will be required to enter your Starbucks Gift Card details wherein you will type your card’s 16-digit number.
    •  After that, you must enter your card’s security code which is printed at the back of your gift card. 
    • You can already view ‘Check Balance’ after following these steps to view your remaining balance.

    2. Through Starbucks App

    For Android, you must download the official Starbucks application from Play Store to register and check your remaining card balance. After its installation, you must 

    • Log in to your Starbucks account and click on the four lines at the top left corner displayed.  
    • From its menu, you can click ‘Refresh’ to reveal your remaining balance.

    Meanwhile, for iOS, you must also download the official Starbucks application from the App Store to register and check your remaining card balance. You will be asked to sign in before clicking the ‘Pay’ button. By then, your Gift Card balance will be shown.

    Other Ways to Check Your Starbucks Gift Card Balance

    1. Ask a Starbucks store staff or an executive to check it for you

    You can also consider checking your remaining balance by visiting the nearest Starbucks to ask a store executive or support staff to have it viewed. 

    2. Call Starbucks’ customer support

    If you’re not up to go out, especially during these uncertain times, you can call the Starbucks support staff via 1860 266 0010. A customer care officer will be there to ask for information related to your gift card and provide you your balance details.

    How to Set the Automatic Reload Option to Your Starbucks Gift Card?

    The automatic reloading to your Starbucks Gift Card is a great option as it can help you in saving a lot of time and energy should your card run short of balance. To enable this, you must log in to your Starbucks account and then select the amount you always want to keep in your Card as well as your payment method. As stated above, these can be done both through your browser and the actual Starbucks application. 

    Where Can You Buy the Best Gift Card?

    To easily purchase the best gift cards available online, consider these sites:

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