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30 Easy Ways How to Make Money as A Teenager in 2022

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    It is never too early to start making your own money and start saving. Even if you are young, ways and opportunities abound in making cash. Instead of spending your time scrolling mindlessly on social media, it may be more worthwhile to think about ways to make money. 

    Money and savings accumulate through time. Especially if you invest it. It is also good to get started while you are still free of certain financial obligations.  As a teenager, you are most likely still in high school, living with your parents, and without children of your own. 

    You are not yet obliged to pay rent, to buy your own food, or to pay for your credit card and phone bills. This is the best opportunity for you to earn money and actually save them. Below is a list of different ways to make money as a teenager.

    How to Make Money for Teenager in 30 Easy Ways

    Sell DIY Stuff at School

    This is one way you could make money by being creative. Teenagers are known for having a lot of cool, daring, and creative ideas. There are a lot of things that you can do or learn doing through the internet. DIY stuff can also be fun to make because you may look at the things that interest you and start selling them. 

    If you love baking simple desserts, you can try making cookies or cupcakes and sell them to your peers. If you are into arts and crafts, you can make really good accessories and jewelries that would interest your peers. Just be creative and observant in order to assess if you will have a market for the DIY stuff that you wish to sell.

    Take Online Surveys

    There is a good chance that you spend hours on your smartphones or in front of your computer. These hours are spent doing mindless scrolling, watching random videos, or chatting up your friends.

    Since you are already online most of the time, why not earn a little cash while on the side? Online surveys do not pay much but they do pay! Money is money and it will only cost a few minutes of your time. You can do it while watching movies or TV shows, you can do it in between studying, while you are in the subway, or while walking your dog.

    Once the small amount of money that you earn in taking these surveys accumulate, then you have a couple of dollars that you can spend or you can use for little things. Legitimate online surveys that pay you if you answer them are Swagbucks, Treasure Trooper, Survey Junkie, and MyPoints. Look them up and start making money fast.

    Get Paid to Search the Web and Play Games

    Believe it or not you can make money as a teenager by doing the things that you already do. Some websites actually pay people, teen or adult, to play games, search the web, and watch videos. These simple activities can help you make money online while you hang around the house. 

    Swagbucks is one website that pays users as young as 13-year old to play video games. People get paid by browsing and watching. The money is not too big but imagine getting paid for the things that you do all the time for free.

    Start a YouTube Channel and Monetize It

    YouTube became an amazing answer to the question of how to make money as teen. 

    A lot of successful YouTube channels were created by young people. In fact the highest earning YouTube star in the world is an eight-year old boy who reviews toys! If he can do it, you can do it, too. The content can be challenging. 

    You need to make sure that you can engage viewers by having interesting and entertaining content. You can tap on your interests and talents. For example, if you are an aspiring make-up artist or you simply enjoy make-up, you can make a channel for that. If you like playing online games, you can create a YouTube channel that gives tutorials or game streaming. 

    However, you need to be patient. It may take some time before your channel picks up on subscribers. So you need to keep working on it to make money out of it. But once it picks up and you reach a large number of subscribers then you can earn money fast and start earning in a great way.

    Install Apps that Pay

    One way of earning extra dollars without doing anything is through installing paying applications on your phone or tablet. These applications basically monitor your activity and pay you for it. They do it with your permission and keep these data confidential. 

    You can also uninstall these apps anytime. Some of these apps pay you for around $5 per month. In a year, you can make more than $100 and buy someone an amazing Christmas gift by doing virtually nothing.

    Collect Bottles and Cans and Sell Them

    Tons of trash and garbage is produced in the United States every day. Most of these end up in our oceans. One way to take care of the environment and start making money at the same time is to collect your bottles, cans, and other recyclable materials and sell them to recycling facilities. 

    The amount of trash produced in one household will surprise you. You can include many people in this initiative by asking them to segregate their wastes and give you their recyclables instead of throwing them straight to the garbage trucks. This is a great way to make money as a teenager because it also helps you take care of the environment.

    Offer Tutorial Services

    One of the good ways to make money as a teenager is to tutor some of your peers or younger kids. You can offer your services and help them in their school work. 

    You can charge them per hour or per session. It is time putting your smarts to good use and help others at the same time. By offering tutorial services, you are also developing your teaching skills and this can be helpful for you as an adult. Teaching skills are helpful in almost all kinds of jobs.

    Learn a Profitable Skill

    Learning a skill that can help you start earning is good. For example, if you learn how to play a guitar, you can start offering guitar lessons. 

    If you start learning how to drive, then you can start driving for car pooling services as soon as you pass your driving exam and get your driver’s license. If you master indoor gardening, you can start selling the plants that you have propagated. Learn skills that interest you and learn them well. This will help you land a job or earn money as a teen.

    Sell your Unwanted Stuff

    Let go of the clothes, shoes, books, and toys that you no longer use and want. You can also sell things that you have mindlessly hoarded like stationaries, books, and school supplies. 

    Sell them at reasonable prices. You can either start a garage sale in your house or start selling them online. This is a win-win situation because you will be able to declutter your room and make cash out of it.

    Become a Freelancer

    If you have certain skills on writing, graphic design or video-editing, among others, you can start getting paid as a freelancer. You can be a freelance writer for some websites, or a freelance graphic artist, programmer, or video editor. 

    You can name your price competitively and people will hire you for your skills. You do not need a full time job to get money. One way to earn is by putting your skills to good use on a freelance basis. You can manage your time because your job does not require regular hours.

    Teenager making money as freelancer

    Pet Sitting

    You will be surprised by the demand for pet sitters. Many people look for this kind of service. If you enjoy the company of dogs, cats, and house pets then this may be a job for you. You can charge an hourly rate while spending time with adorable pets. Your services will surely be a great help to pet owners because it will ease their minds knowing that someone else is looking after their pets.

    Remote Accounting: Launch a Virtual Bookkeeping Business

    If you have a nominal knowledge for bookkeeping, you can make money by offering your service to small businesses or start-ups virtually.

    They can pay you a significant amount of money since this is an essential part of business. Even if you are only 16 years old, if you can do a good jog at accounting or bookkeeping, then clients will give you a job and recommend you to others.

    Get a Part-time Job

    This is a common “how to make money for teens.” A lot of establishments get teenagers on a part-time basis since you are expected to still be in school. 

    You can work in convenient stores, gasoline stations, fast food chains, coffee shops, and libraries. You can get paid weekly and make hundreds of dollars in a month depending on the amount of jobs that you do.

    Do Yard Work

    If you do not have a lot of special skills, and resources to start a business or get a freelance job, you can always use sheer hard work to make money.

    As a teenager, you have a strong and energetic body and some older people may need your help doing works that are physically demanding like mowing lawns, shoveling snow, or washing the car. These people are more than willing to pay you to do these odd jobs in their yards.

    Cash Cack and Coupons: Earn When You Shop

    One way of making money as a teen ager is to maximize coupons and cash backs. This is one of the odd ways to make money because you are earning while spending. Lots of deals offer cash backs and many people ignore these promos, but you shouldn’t because it can get you amazing deals and you can turn these into extra cash.

    Review Websites and Apps for Cash

    Another way of earning money online is by reviewing websites and apps. This is an easy way to earn because you will just basically express your assessment of a particular website after spending some time using and navigating it. Some of these jobs are offered in social media. You can also visit different websites that put up postings for reviewers.

    Ask Your Parents for Odd Jobs

    We are often expected to help around the house, but your parents may be willing to pay you for doing some house work that they can’t find the time doing. You can try making a deal with them where you will do stuff around the house that has been pending for a long time like sorting out the basement or storage rooms, tending the neglected garden, or cleaning upholsteries. Parents can be happy seeing their teenager son or daughter think about ways to work for money instead of just asking for it.

    Start Your Own Ecommerce Store

    If you have some stuff to sell, then you can do it by putting up a store in a lot of online platforms. You can even promote your store and products on social media. The internet presents us with the opportunity to reach a lot of people without having to pay lots of money for advertisement.

    Start an Affiliate Marketing Site

    The internet presents us with a lot of opportunities to advertise. As a user, you can start performing marketing jobs for some businesses and products, by simply promoting them online.

    In order to make this more efficient, you can start a site to accommodate clients. You can do this with friends and get them to promote and advertise with you through different platforms like social media.

    Rent-out Your Stuff 

    You may own some stuff that other people want. Instead of selling them, you can start renting them out. You can rent out your games, your digital SLR camera, your car, your musical instruments, and your bicycle.

    Look around your room or closet and decide which of your stuff may be needed by someone and try offering it to them for rent. A lot of people may need some stuff for one time so renting is wiser than buying.

    Enter a Skill-Based Competition

    If you are not interested in getting a job but you have a special skill that you want to profit from, a skill-based competition is the way to go. 

    If you love writing, taking photographs, designing logos, or making song covers, there are a lot of skill-based competitions that you can get into and these competitions can have hefty cash prizes. Just make sure to put your best in it so that you will increase your chances of winning.

    Sell Stock Photos

    If you are good at taking photos, you can try selling some of your works on websites that keep stock photos used by businesses and individuals. You can polish your photography skills and get paid at the same time. This will not really feel like a job. It is just a hobby that gets to make you money.

    Create and Sell Art Online

    Aside from photography, other artworks also sell online. If you are into painting, drawing, and graphic design, you can post your works and sell them. You can even turn your artworks into merchandise like stickers, bookmarks, pins, or graphic t-shirts.

    You can also make money by doing commissions for clients who are in need of artistic and design services. They will not care that you are a teenager, as long as your works satisfy their tastes.

    Teenager making money with artworks

    Run Errands

    This is an easy way to make money. Teenagers and older kids are old enough to be trusted to do some errands like running to the store, paying bills, or walking the dogs.

    You can offer your services to people around your neighbourhood, especially those who are in need of help like old people or families with small children that cannot be left unattended. You get to make money and help people in simple ways.

    Clean Houses 

    Aside from errands, you can also help others by cleaning their houses and doing other household chores. These need not be hard chores. It can be as simple as dusting the shelves, organizing the kitchen, or vacuuming the carpet.

    These may not sound glamorous but some people find these kinds of jobs enjoyable and satisfying. This is one way to earn and help your family on some expenses while helping other families get their house looking neat and clean.

    Start a Blog and Monetize it

    If you have a knack for writing, then get started with blogging and make money out of it. You can write a product review or advertisement in your blog sometimes. 

    You can also allow advertisers to post their material on your website. Blogging is an enjoyable hobby for a teenager that also has the potential to make money. Write. Gain an audience. Get paid.

    Be a Social Media Manager

    Young people are tech savvy. They know what kind of content can get viral. Growing up around social media makes it instinctive for them to create content that will get users’ attention. A teenager may just be perfect for the job of a social media manager.

    Try talking to a local business and offer your service to manage their social media account. Since you are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram anyway, why not make money while on it and help small businesses gain more customers at the same time.

    Get Paid by Playing Games 

    You can make money as a teenager by playing online games that just got released. You will play it and offer your feedback regarding the experience, and they pay you for it. Since teenagers are their usual markets, hiring a teenager to do this makes perfect sense.

    Also, some gamers hire others to play in their accounts. You can offer your services, enjoy yourself and make money. If you have the skills and the passion for online games, why don’t you take it to the next level and get into esports. The cash prizes can be enormous.

    Stream on Twitch

    Another way to earn money through playing games is by streaming yourself on Twitch. Similar to YouTube, building an audience can take some time but if you are doing something that you enjoy, you will not really notice the time, will you? 

    You can also consider trying different gameplays, using different characters, and adopting unconventional strategies to attract the interest of viewers.

    Help people with Technology

    As mentioned above, a teenager is someone who is usually adept in technology. Teenagers are fast learners and can get by solving and troubleshooting tech problems through simple Google searches.

    Earn money as a teenager confident around computers by offering your services to some people who need help in simple computer troubles like setting up a new computer, or installing some software, reformatting devices, and so on.

    Now, What to Do with Your Money?

    Once you have chosen the ways to make money as a teenager, one important question is what to do with it. There are a few good things to do with it.

    1. Save It for Your Future

    Opening a savings account is always a good idea. Your cash may come in handy for future needs and emergencies. You can also try asking your parents about investment accounts. These accounts make your money grow at a larger interest rate. 

    The longer you keep your money in these accounts, the larger the amount that it would earn. Why spend your hard-earned money on things that will not have value in a few years’ time if you can make it bigger by keeping it in an investment account?

    2. Start Your Own Business

    If you have a knack for business and entrepreneurship, you can use your saved money as a teenager to start a small business. The business should be something that you feel passionate about so that you will always find it rewarding and motivating.

    3. Invest in Others’ Business

    If you have friends, acquaintances, or family members who are into business, you can offer to invest your money in their businesses. This will allow your savings to earn you more money as a teenager. Just make sure that you are investing it in a viable and profitable business with little risks.

    4. Don’t Forget to Treat Yourself

    After working hard and saving up, you should always make it a point to buy yourself something that you really like. If you are eyeing a good sneakers, a scooter, or a new phone, you can buy that for yourself as long as you know that you have worked hard and saved for that item. At the end of the day, treating ourselves will keep us inspired and motivated to work, save, and invest.


    It is never too early to save and to learn the value of money. If young people would always rely on their parents to get the things that they want, then they would never learn the value of money.

    This is why, teenagers working and thinking of ways to earn should be encouraged and supported. Aside from the financial benefits that they can get by working and saving, it will also shape them into responsible adults in the future.

    Hard work is something that should be deeply embedded to people. There is no better way to ensure that young people will be financially responsible than to make them learn by doing.