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18 Best High-ticket Affiliate Products & Steps to Earn Hefty Commissions


    ECommerce has started booming in the last few years, with online shopping rates projected to increase in the future. With that in mind, it’s the perfect time to consider a new venture (or a renewed vigor in exploring) the frontier of eCommerce. For aspiring content creators and bloggers, one of the avenues available is affiliate marketing.

    Affiliate marketing is a process by which a content publisher earns a commission by promoting affiliate products or services of another business to their audience.

    Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money, especially for those who do not want to make and sell products of their own and prefer commission-based earnings.

    How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

    Affiliate marketing is as simple as a publisher—who in this process is known as the affiliate marketer—including a URL known as an affiliate link in their content or sent through email lists. This affiliate link is provided by a different business and may redirect visitors to a different site, purchase, form, etc.

    The affiliate marketer then earns a commission based on the number of people who clicked on the link, signed up for a service or subscription, etc. This commission is known as affiliate income, and its amount depends highly on the affiliate program a certain publisher has signed with.

    What Are High-ticket Affiliate Products?

    High-ticket affiliate products (also known as high-ticket affiliate programs) are affiliate programs that give larger affiliate commissions. As an affiliate marketer, it’s often a good idea to focus on fewer, high-commission affiliate programs rather than multiple low-commission products.

    Fewer affiliate products mean you can focus on generating specific and consistent content to convert more people for sales on as small a number of products as possible.

    This is because creating content for low-ticket affiliate products takes the same time as creating content for products that give better affiliate commissions.

    Can’t deny that your best bet is to always go for the high-ticket items with better commission structures. This is the world of high-ticket affiliate marketing.

    What Are the Highest-paying Affiliate Programs?

    The growth of high-ticket affiliate marketing is showing no signs of stopping, so the sooner you start, the sooner you can cash in on an affiliate commission.

    Here are some of the best high-ticket affiliate programs in the market, each divided into niches.

    High-Ticket Affiliate Programs in Life Coaching

    If you think personal coaching isn’t a lucrative enough affiliate program to be considered a high-ticket product, you are dead wrong.

    The coaching business is as lucrative as they come, estimated to amount up to $15 billion in 2019, and is projected to continue growing in the next few years.

    If a high-ticket affiliate product is what you’re after, here are a few programs to check out.

    Mentor Masterclass

    Commission rate: $1,000 per referral

    Mentor Masterclass is a life coach training program for women, teaching them the art of coaching and how to build and grow their practice. The program lasts for a year and it’s up to affiliate marketers like you to get your audience to sign up.

    The program will have you work with an affiliate link for landing pages and marketing materials, and a successful affiliate sale of this high-ticket affiliate program will get you $1,000—and that’s per sale! Each year, you also have the opportunity to win prizes, as this particular affiliate program rewards the affiliate marketers with the best sales.

    Brian Tracy

    Commission rate: 20% per sale

    As a noticeable figure in the business, Brian is a big name with a great high-ticket affiliate program that rewards you for each sale. Marketing materials and landing pages make up most of the program for you to promote to your audience.

    As of the highest-paying affiliate programs in the life coaching business, you can get a hefty 20% commission per sale you refer after 60 days. Meaning you can earn nearly $200 per sale if you land a referral for his 21st Century Sales Training for Elite Performance program that costs $997.

    High-Ticket Affiliate Programs in Health and Fitness

    The niche of Health and Fitness is home to a lot of top-paying affiliate programs—most people take their health seriously after all, which is why it was recorded to be worth about $96 billion USD back in 2019.

    Here are a few high-ticket products you should consider signing up for those who are serious about high-ticket affiliate marketing.

    Wahoo Fitness

    Commission rate: 10% and 7.5% commission depending on the product

    This affiliate program offers indoor bike trainers and bike computers, so you’ve got to convince your audience why they’d want to pedal to the Wahoo Fitness metal.

    Affiliates can earn 10% commission on non-smart trainer products and 7.5% commission on smart trainers, which cost over $1,000. While that is indeed a good pay-off, the con of this affiliate program is the payments are issued each quarter with a minimum amount of $100.

    Life Fitness

    Commission rate: 8% commission

    Life Fitness is a known figure in the industry and offers a varied catalog of exercise equipment products for home gyms and fitness centers. This means affiliates have more breathing room and opportunity for affiliates to integrate ads into their content seamlessly.

    The Life Fitness affiliate program offers 8% commissions per sale and has a 30-day payment period. The average order amounts to $3,000 meaning affiliates can earn around $240.

    AvantLink manages LifeFitness’s affiliate program.

    High-Ticket Affiliate Programs in Personal Finance

    We can surmise that an industry that deals with money will have quite the high-ticket items in its niche. The industry includes digital remittances by private users, automated investment services by Robo-Advisors, and software that helps with financial transactions, investment tracking, and management of bank records, portfolios, and/or budgets.

    This market segment was valued at over $1 billion last 2019 and is projected to continue growing throughout the following years, so this is a great niche for website owners with finance-related content to partner with affiliate programs and earn income.

    The best high-ticket affiliate programs in the niche are as follows:

    Capitalist Exploits

    Commission rate: 50% commission per sale

    Capitalist Exploits is a newsletter that provides professional and experienced money management tips. Subscription is free and provides access to private reports, financial advice, and more.

    This high ticket affiliate program gives you the opportunity to connect your own audience to these services. The program has a commission structure that gets you 50% per sale on their primary products, with prices that range from $1,575 to $3,499. This means an affiliate can earn $785 to nearly $1750 for referral sales.

    This high-ticket product offers quality advice that is regarded by professionals despite its free pricing, making it easier for you to recommend their services.

    Plus500 Affiliate Program

    Commissions rate: $800 per Trader

    Plus500 is a large-scale trading site with tools for different kinds of trades. This includes different indices, cryptocurrency, forex, and more. The site itself attracts many people, and its high-ticket affiliate marketing program attracts many affiliates and publishers.

    The affiliate program is focused on referring traders and brokers, from which affiliates can get an $800 payout that they can cash out each month.


    Commission rate: Up to $600 in CPA commissions with daily payouts

    FXPRIMUS is a large trading company that provides people with multiple platforms, tools, learning modules, etc, backed by an active community and a great reputation.

    High-ticket affiliate programs like this can be very beneficial for affiliates, because the site offers frequently-released promotions and contests for traders, along with the many instruments and resources that can be recommended. All these products mean you can even recommend the same person and earn multiple commissions.

    High-Ticket Affiliate Programs in Luxury Travel

    Luxury travel has always been an industry where the cash flow comes in droves because of how much people spend on pricy vacations. There may have been a decrease in growth rate in 2020, but its global value still sits pretty at $511 billion and is projected to reach healthy levels in the coming years.

    This lucrativeness translates to the high-ticket affiliate marketing programs in its niche. So publishers of travel blogs should take a look at these high-ticket items.

    Boat Bookings

    Commissions rate:

    Never underestimate people’s desire to sail. This company provides different luxury boat-related offers, from chartering luxury yachts to renting boats and crewed superyachts. 

    Affiliates can earn a 10% commission for all bookings made through an affiliate link, and because renting yachts can cost quite a lot, a publisher earning over $1,000 is not a far-fetched figure to get from each booking.


    Commissions rate: 5% per affiliate sales with 90-day payout

    TourRadar is an internet booking company, and their site lets people book tours in different corners of the globe, which means travel bloggers and content publishers have a smattering of different locations for material.

    Its affiliate program can be found in an affiliate network like CJ Affiliate, and an affiliate can earn a 5% commission per sale. This doesn’t seem like a good deal, but tours can be as expensive as more than $5,000, so it’s possible to earn hundreds of dollars with a single sale.

    High-Ticket Affiliate Programs in eCommerce

    The digital age is very quickly absorbing multiple facets of society and is showing no signs of stopping. You can say the same of eCommerce, whose growth increased in rate in 2020, and by extension its affiliate programs.

    The industry is projected to reach $3.5 trillion by 2025, so if you’ve got an eCommerce-related blog, here are some of the high-ticket affiliate programs you can promote.


    Commission rate: $2,000 for every Shopify Plus Plan referral

    Shopify is one of the most well-known eCommerce platforms out there, providing quick shop set-up, payment gateways, hosting services, and a variety of helpful tools for any sort of entrepreneurial endeavor.

    An eCommerce client that finds themselves with Shopify has the potential to patronize multiple products, with many of them being subscription-based. Successful sales will get affiliates around $58 dollars, but referral sales for a Shopify Plus plan pay a whopping $2,000!

    As a bonus, Shopify affiliates also get access to a library of existing content, including webinars, videos, and automated funnels. With this and Shopify’s great reputation, an affiliate can surely pull a consistent revenue stream.


    Commission rate: 25% recurring commissions

    Another in the world of eCommerce platforms is Shopio. The platform was built with small to mid-sized businesses in mind, allowing entrepreneurs to build an online store without technical knowledge or software installation.

    Unlike the other affiliate programs under eCommerce, Shopio is not as initially hefty. Their affiliate program does, however, offer 25% recurring commissions. So if you can get one customer to sign up for the $149.95 Enterprise plan, you can get a monthly income of $30 or $360 a year, giving you a consistent revenue stream.


    Commission rate: 200% one-time commission

    Volusion is one of the most recognized eCommerce platforms, with a budget-friendly starter plan, an interface built with small-to-mid-level businesses in mind. Volusion is an award-winning eCommerce website builder with over 180,000 entrepreneurs who use this platform.

    Their affiliate program arms you with their graphics, banner ads, and other promotional material. There are two ways to earn with Volusion.

    First, you can freelance as a website builder and manager for your clients, earning up to a 35% discount on their services. The second is through referral sales—you can earn a 200% one-time commission with a max payout of $2,000 each time you bring Volusion a new client.

    High-Ticket Affiliate Programs in Online Course Creation

    Skills and education are useful things, and people are catching on that online courses are the future of skill-based learning based on its growth in the past few years. The industry was valued at $187 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach a market size of $319 billion by 2025.

    There is no shortage of great choices to partner with when it comes to affiliate marketing. Here are some high-paying affiliate programs in the online course industry.


    Commission rate: 30% recurring commissions

    Teachable is an online course platform open for people to create their own personalized online courses. Users have access to multiple content materials and items, like videos, lectures, and quizzes.

    The high-ticket affiliate program offers 30% recurring commissions for affiliates that can refer new users through an affiliate URL.


    Commission rate: 25% commission for one year

    MemberMouse is a WordPress membership plugin, that you can use for subscription services and products, including online courses. The tool allows users to accept payments, manage users, protect your content, features that let users easily target messages based on previous user behavior, engagement reports, and so so much more!

    Their affiliate program offers a 25% commission on all payments for a full year, amounting to $60 for the Starter Plan and $1,797 for the Premium Plan. 

    High-Ticket Affiliate Programs in Marketing Software

    Business thrives on good exposure, ergo the necessity of the marketing industry. A subset perfect for small-to-mid-level businesses comes in the form of marketing software, which enables people to manage their marketing campaigns and drive more sales.

    These high-ticket items are incredibly lucrative to promote. If an affiliate has an audience who are interested in marketing, they can focus their marketing efforts on these particular high-ticket products.

    SEM Rush

    Commission rate: 40% recurring commissions

    Semrush is an online marketing platform that lets businesses optimize their online presence across different internet channels. Semrush has a large consumer-base, amounting to 6,000,000 marketing professionals and more than 1000 top media outlets around the world. It has a variety of tools and data for more than 140 countries, all of which helping businesses get their presence out there.

    Their affiliate program offers up to 40% of $99 to $399 monthly plans, and an affiliate can get a recurring commission for a long-staying client.


    Commission rate: 30% recurring commissions

    AWeber is marketing software for automating email marketing. It provides access to unlimited email templates, stock imagines, a drag-and-drop builder, and other tools for growing a business. One more thing that adds to AWeber’s reputation is its award-winning, 24/7 customer service.

    Content publishers can earn recurring 30% commissions from their affiliate program. And because plans range from $19 to $149 for one month, an affiliate can earn over $500 a year on a single referral as long as the referral stays a client.

    High-Ticket Affiliate Programs in Web Hosting

    With the coming of the digital age and the migration of most businesses to the internet (or at least realizing the importance of having a website), it’s no wonder that the web hosting industry has grown to be a lucrative niche. Its growth is showing no signs of stopping, and it’s projected to reach $216 billion by 2025.

    If you want to earn through affiliate marketing should check out these high-paying affiliate programs you can promote.

    Liquid Web

    Commission rate: 150% per referral

    Liquid Web is a web hosting company that fully managed web hosting that is trusted by a large number of businesses. The company can handle a client site’s administrative duties and support tasks regardless of scale, perfect for larger businesses.

    Their affiliate program lets an affiliate earn 150% of the monthly hosting cost, meaning they can get $7,000 per sale by referring a customer through an affiliate marketing URL.


    Commission rate: $500 per referral and 10% recurring commissions

    Kinsta is a cloud-based host that offers managed plans for WordPress websites. It has strong server power and optimization, with a user-friendly interface.

    Their affiliate program pays from $50 to $500 per sale and 10% recurring lifetime commissions.

    steps on how to promote high ticket affiliate product

    How to Promote High Ticket Affiliate Products in 3 Steps

    Now that you have your choice of high-ticket programs, let’s take a quick step-by-step of how you should go about focusing your efforts on your affiliate marketing business.

    1. Create a sales funnel

    A sales funnel refers to the journey taken by someone to become a customer. Your marketing must direct audiences down this sales funnel so you can strategically plan your content in order to make conversions and earn those high-ticket affiliate offers.


    Search engine optimization is important to attract an audience. The more audiences you attract to your content, the more possibilities there are for them to interact with the URL or affiliate link. There are two things you must focus on.

    Keyword research is important to learn what your target audience is looking for. On-page optimization through internal backlinking, and using keywords in your meta descriptions also adds to visibility.

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    High-quality content must come first when it comes to optimization, as search engines reward good content. Having great content is also more engaging for audiences, hence will be more likely to return and provide traffic.

    Consider adding a unique perspective on older topics to get more engagement, as well as using readable headlines.

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    The last step in the sales funnel is getting a potential customer to complete the desired action, which in this case is a subscription or purchase for affiliate products. A landing page is important for this process, and its purpose is to receive redirect leads and encourage them to convert.

    2. Use PPC (pay-per-click) to drive traffic to the high-ticket affiliate program

    Pay-per-click advertising refers to the marketing model where marketers have their online ads displayed, and only pay each time it gets clicked.

    While the traditional affiliate marketing method is simple and effective in and of itself (great SEO and great content make for a great combination), adding PPC improves the formula to new heights. PPC can be targeted, after all, making clickers more likely to convert.

    For a winning step-by-step PPC strategy, affiliates must:

    • Select the right niche. The right niche of course includes something that you are passionate about or at least interested in. More So you must learn the trends, consumer behavior, and your competition.
    • Find relevant keywords. Keyword research helps you narrow down that your audience is interested in so you can effectively create targeted content or formulate better marketing strategies.
    • Create Persuasive PPC ads. Write compelling copies for your ads with keywords and a clear call-to-action.
    • Build landing pages that convert. Landing pages from your PPC ad can further move a potential client down a sales funnel.
    • Build a community. Interact and engage with your audience. This helps build more trust, and will also help you learn more about what your audience needs.
    • Work with an in-house marketing team. Always confirm if your client already runs PPC ads. Coordinated work makes for more effective marketing.
    • Don’t be afraid to fail. PPC is all about trial and error. Due to the nature of PPC ads, you won’t be at a loss with an ineffective ad. You have ample opportunity to see what works.

    3. Maximize social media

    Social media is a free source of traffic, so making the most of it can only be beneficial to you, your business and your chosen high-ticket items to promote. Generating engaging and shareable content while integrating social media is a recipe for success.

    It may however be difficult to get followers on Facebook or Twitter without spending, but Pinterest training can help you direct additional traffic to your site for no extra expense.

    The Bottom Line

    Promoting high-ticket affiliate products is one of the best ways to earn money through marketing, more so because you can earn more with a high-ticket item than you can from other products with the same amount of effort.

    When it comes to choosing the best high-ticket affiliate program, there are many choices that can net you high-ticket sales. But it will ultimately depend on you. You must find the right program that fits your content and flow best and work hard to improve your traffic and sales pitch.

    It will also depend on your audience. Get to know how they behave and what they want and need. What is your audience most likely to spend the most money on in terms of products and services? Do they prefer subscriptions or one-time purchases?

    Once you’ve learned this, you can narrow down your choices, and pick the ones with the best reputation and features.

    Finally, it must be something that you yourself use or trust. This can translate into your work, but ultimately you would be more confident in your genuine recommendation.

    So keep in mind, pick something that is:

    • Within your niche
    • Fits your content and flow
    • Something your audience wants
    • Something that performs well
    • Something that has a good reputation and features
    • Ultimately something that you trust

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