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How Much Money Do I Need To Invest To Make $3000 A Month?

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    Most financially successful people will tell you that, yes, it is indeed possible to earn more than $3000 a month if you set the right investment in revenue-generating online businesses. For one, you’ll need at least $108,000.

    Income generation can be worked out in a number of legitimate ways. All you have to do is to invest strategically into the right avenues–and boom! The long-term dream of becoming financially successful can now become a reality.

    Let’s talk about four primary ways for you to earn passive income of thousands in a month — or even more.

    6 Legitimate Ways To Make $3000 Monthly

    1. Invest In An Online Business

    There are various online marketplaces where you could invest or buy an online business. In such marketplaces, you are able to see which types of online industries would fit the niche of your choice. Try investing in online business industries that you are truly passionate about.

    Some online businesses for investment as well as those that are for sale may cost you about 2.5 to around 3 times the business’ annual income. With the right amount of investment, and with the right online business, you can get capital gains of even more than $3000 a month. You can use the extra amount of income to even reinvest in other things–which we will discuss later in this article.

    Depending on the deals you find, investing in an online business is a quick and relatively effortless way for you to make such income per month, although, of course, just like any other business, you must be aware of a couple of business considerations you should take note of.

    1. Invest In Rental Properties

    Investing your money in rental properties is quite the traditional yet popular approach to generate your passive income. The income yield varies among many different rental properties in the USA, but depending on the location of these properties, the return of investment per year would usually be around 10 percent of its property value.

    Because the real estate industry is more tangible than virtual businesses, you will have to take into consideration the need for strategic and low cost maintenance fees. After those have been accounted for, you can expect a net profit of up to 8% or more per year.

    Now, let’s do the money math: if you’d ask yourself, “So how much money do I need to invest to make $3000 a month,” the answer would be around $450,000. That may seem like so much investment, but the less money you put into real estate, the lesser the revenue you are most likely to get per year. 

    With this money, you can make even more than your $3000 money mark, and on top of that, remember that your properties appreciate in value each year! So, just in case you would want to leave the real estate industry and sell your rental properties in the future after, let’s say, 30 years, imagine how much money that could cost by then!

    Of course, there are alternative ways where you can engage in this industry with less money getting out of your pocket. If you would like to pay less and not invest too much, you can buy properties with mortgages, as these would eventually cost you less on your initial payments. Now as I have mentioned earlier, the lesser the investment, the lesser the profit. What makes this alternative something worth considering is knowing that your tenants, and not you, are the ones paying for the mortgage every month and year.

    1. Invest In Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

    The question remains: How much money do I need to invest to make 3000 a month?

    Another popular and also relatively established option for you to make extra money is through engaging with the stock market. For example, one would know that the return of investment for the S&P 500 index would usually vary year per year. Over the past nine decades, returns per year are at a whopping 9.8% at the very average.

    We really could not certainly tell how much the return on investment for the S&P 500 could be in the future, let’s say, for the next 30 years, so entrepreneurs and businessmen would usually need to pattern such year-average from the past 90 years as bases for ETF investment.

    If you’re an eager, high-risk investor, you could consider the following items:

    • If you would like to have $3000 a month, then the money therefore you will be having in a year is $36,000, or $72,000 in two years.
    • At a 9.8% basis, you should then invest about $367,347 initially to get to reach that goal of $36,000 per year
    • You can make more money per month depending on how much more you invest throughout the years.

    The approach above, however, is considered as something really risky. In some years, usually the S&P 500 return on investment could be even lower than the 9.8% average. This means that if you withdraw your $36,000 after a year of investment, then that would make you less money than expected. If you continue withdrawing in the next months or years, you might end up with less money, not to mention other financial considerations you “pay” on inflation, bonds, and other fees.

    But then of course, alternative approaches are always out there on the market. Among the many different ways you could invest on ETFs, you can take on following the FIRE (also known as Financial Independence Retire Early) approach.

    According to FIRE, your financial portfolio should be able to cover up to around 25 times your expenses per year. In theory, if you would need to withdraw, let’s say, 4% of your finances in this investment once through the years, then your portfolio is still relatively safe as it continues to grow per month and your investments would not be as compromised.

    The math for this is simple: you can apply this to your goal of gaining income of $3000 per month. It will look like this:

    • $3k per month x 12 months x 25 years = $900,000.

    Given the computation above, should you invest that amount of cash into the S&P 500 index, and apply the 4% over the investment, you will still get $36000 a year, or a pay of $3000 a month indefinitely.

    1. Invest In Blogging

    One of the emerging ways to earn such huge amounts of money is to invest in online blogging. Unlike regular and traditional day jobs, blogging is something that gives results depending on your pace, dedication, and the time that you invest on it.

    At first, blogging might seem like it wouldn’t let you earn much, but, once you have established a great following, a stable branding of yourself or your product, and up-to-date content, you can make more than thousands a month! All you need to do is to monetize your blogs, which can be done in various ways. Usually, bloggers would put out their business contact information such as their email address out there in the open for possible partnerships.

    Some bloggers would look for hosting companies to help them start and establish their blog. A name email is usually required, and the hosting company would usually pay the blogger commission fees–depending on what business deal you resort to making between yourself and the hosting company. With hosting companies, you wouldn’t need to pay much for your domain names per month, as some deals would usually cover these.

    1. Online Survey

    For one, you could answer online surveys to make money from home. Such online surveys are free to join and free to use. There are dozens of paid survey sites online that you could look into, and these require zero financial investments.

    1. Teach English Online

    Another way to earn money is to teach English (or other specializations) virtually from home. Online industries like these become more and more competitive as the years go by, and entrepreneurs who do freelance work in this industry reportedly get an average of $1000 or more each month. 

    Combine that with the other methods above, and add in a little more dedication, patience, and hard work–and you’ll have more financial yields as you would usually expect. Many financial entrepreneurs would report starting from scratch in and in these kinds of jobs for them to be able to secure their initial investments. It would usually take them time, but there really is no instant way to success.

    Lastly, another logical way where you could get passive income is to sort of mix-and-match all the methods we have talked about in this article. Feel free to work with your niche and with the resources you currently have at hand! For instance, you can invest in small rental properties, while having an online business and a blogging career all at the same time! Anything is possible if you just plan strategically and work smart.


    This article answers the question on how much do I need to invest to make 3000 a month. There are various ways that you would want to consider putting your money on, such as investing on properties, online businesses, blogging, and even trading in ETFs. 

    But always know that as long as you have found assets or investments that are appealing and seem passionate for you, grab that chance — and with the right amount of investment, dedication, and hard work, your income goals of thousands wouldn’t then be too far away.