Notice on Upcoming Migration of Mint Chip Challenge

Back in 2012, The Royal Canadian Mint launched the MintChip Challenge. The idea is to enlist the help of software developers in creating proofs of concept highlighting the potential advantage of the MintChip Technology.

In this challenge, software developers were to create innovative digital payment applications using MintChip. The winner was to receive approximately $50,000 in gold from the Mint as well as promotional exposure.

The idea of the MintChip Challenge is that you can use developing software to make money. Years later, The MintChip Challenge developed into a finance blog offering financial knowledge.

The MintChip Challenge has solidified its place in the industry by providing free marketing guides to help our readers start an online business and monetize it. We provide readers with brilliant insights into a wide spectrum of financial matters.

We are dedicated to providing their readers practical and easy-to-follow advice about making money through:

  • Ecommerce
  • Small Business
  • Gift Cards
  • Affiliate Marketing

We at Mint Chip Challenge will continue to try our best to provide insightful, fair, and balanced information about financial matters.


On 31 January 2022, Mint Chip Challenge will migrate to The domain will become inactive since then. Filife is your go-to financial guide, for more future content visit our website.