Money Mindsets You Should Be Aware


    On a motivational talk about wealth creation, the speaker claimed that money is defense, and the lack of it is an offense. It made the whole atmosphere engaged; hence, leaving some of the audience applauding in agreement while others, indifferent. This only goes to show that people have different mindsets when it comes to money. Thus, it may be categorized through the following – the Rich-Minds, Poor-Minds and the Lost-Minds. What are the differences?

    The Difference in Perceptions

    Here are the characteristics of each perception. Please know what stays true to you and your view of money:


    These rich-minds are considered to be the purposeful and selfless people who are aware that by prospering, they can contribute to humanity. This is why they look at money as a means so that they may accomplish something in the end. Since they have a full understanding of how money works globally, they accept agent for value exchange. They would strive hard so that they can create wealth for the purpose of advancing in life.

    As a matter of fact, for these people, they have a belief that money without purpose is almost useless and nothing. They have always been the righteous, builders, givers, lovers, believers, peacemakers, dreamers, charitable, original and authentic. Indeed, they have been the crusaders of good money and they believe in long-term gains.


    These people, on the other hand, are almost the opposite of the rich-minds. They are selfish and greedy. They come with a flawed mentality as far as real prosperity is concerned. Most of them think that making and having money would be the main essence of human existence. They would strive to amass wealth amidst anything. As a matter of fact, they almost worship money and they have prepared their souls to always be in pursuit of it. Because of this, their love for money is greater than anything. They are dubbed as the destroyers, deceivers, war mongers, schemers, exploiters, desperate, corruptible, fake, claimers, fraudsters and superficial.

    This kind of mindset is short-term that it becomes impossible to achieve permanent prosperity and wealth. This has been the truth of it.


    The judgemental and critical manner is what describes the lost-minds. They do not care about money that much because they only see it as an ultimate problem and nothing else. They also have a false belief that money is evil and that it only brings the struggle to most individuals. Aside from this, they are known to have spirits which lack a vital element of life – purpose. These lost-minds are clouded by fogs of jealousy and scarcity that they cannot acknowledge the need for wealth. In return, they seldom achieve anything significant or meaningful in life.

    It can be concluded that these people see money without any purpose. They are labeled as the critiques, receivers, dream-killers, naysayers, beggars, doubters, ill-wishers, timid and vulnerable.

    Indeed, money cannot be discredited because at the end of the day, it can still be good for all of us. It only takes the right mindset!