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Top 10 Best Online Courses for Baking This 2022


    For some, baking is a hobby. While for some others, it could be a profession. But regardless of how you treat it, one thing is for sure: baking is not an easy skill to learn.

    This is not to intimidate you; but if you’re new in the world of baking, you must know the importance of taking resourceful online courses for baking. After all, baking is an art and it has to be mastered, with proper guidance and practice.

    To help you improve your kitchen skills, we’ve compiled a list of the best online baking courses available. Read on to know more.

    Best Online Courses for Baking

    There are tons of baking classes available online. However, only a handful of them are perfectly made, structured, and delivered. We made sure that we cover online classes that are apt for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Let us start with the beginner level courses:

    Beginner Level

    1. How to Bake: Baking Basics (Udemy)

    For beginners, this could prove to be the best place to start with. Developed by Rachel Reynolds, a talented baking instructor, this course aims to teach the baking enthusiasts, the nuts and bolts of this craft.

    The course is divided into 7 parts, which cover different baking techniques from preparing a Victoria Sponge Cake to Rachel’s favorite biscuit. The online classes offer three extra recipes for each item, along with the main recipe. The information is delivered through PDF files, making it easy to follow.

    You can complete the whole course in about 90 minutes. Fairly easy, right? It has a 4.8/5 rating on Udemy, with 175 reviews, as of now. Feeling confident yet? 

    Course summary

    • PDF files (est time to read 1 & ½ hours)
    • 3 downloadable recipes 
    • Full lifetime access 
    • Certificate of completion 

    2. Know Yo’ Dough – Baking Tools, Tips, and Techniques (Skillshare)

    Becky Sue, a food stylist, and also a photographer, has produced this baking course, with rich content. Through these baking classes, she teaches about 10 efficient baking tools, tips and techniques, and some tasty recipes.

    Whether it is cookies, scones, or rolls, this course covers them all. Moreover, you’ll also get to know the importance of key ingredients and how to use them in the right quantities. The classes are mainly focused on teaching you some lesser-known baking techniques. 

    You’ll get a series of 14 well-produced videos, and you can get them all for free, with a Skillshare Premium membership. If you already tried baking, and are not feeling confident about your skills, give this course a shot. The instructor does a great job explaining everything in a detailed manner.

    Course summary:

    • 14 lessons (1hr 2 mins)
    • Free access for Skillshare Premium Members
    • 4 Class Projects

    3. Cookie Decorating For Beginners: Create Incredible, Edible Art (Skillshare)

    If you’re considering a career in baking, you might want to try taking these baking classes. 

    Well, baking is not just mixing the ingredients and placing them in an oven. After all, the food not only has to taste good but also must look good. Don’t you agree?

    Laurie Shannon, the host of a YouTube show, “The Icing Artist”, teaches culinary arts. This course is mainly focused on, as it takes you through the bells and whistles of cookie and cake decorating skills. 

    Spread across 14 technique videos, this baking course demonstrates how to choose the right decorating essentials, preparing them, mastering the art of icing and flooding, and many more. 

    Course summary:

    • 14 videos on cake decoration techniques
    • 5 class projects
    • Complete lifetime access

    4. Layer Cake From Scratch: Ultimate Beginners Guide to Cake Decorating (Skillshare)

    Through this baking course, Maryam Khan, a successful YouTuber, teaches baking techniques, decorating techniques, and some of her tips and tricks, and some recipes too.

    Although this could be labeled as one of the beginner baking courses, some of the content can be considered advanced. And, that’s a good thing, as it has something for everyone. 

    It has a collection of 13 video baking classes, which takes you through several key aspects of baking, covering equipment, techniques, recipes, and decorating skills. 

    With a little short of 500 students, it’s fairly a successful course aimed towards beginners. 

    Course summary:

    • 13 videos on cake baking and decorating skills
    • Free downloadable recipes
    • Full lifetime access

    Intermediate Level

    5. The Butter Book

    The Butter Book is one of the highly rated online baking courses. Developed by renowned French bakers, the course offers tons of baking lessons.

    The course has a collection of over 170 baking videos, loads of tested and tasty recipes, and also comes with a community of bakers from all around the world. 

    Chefs Sébastien Canonne and Jacquy Pfeiffer, the founders made sure that the online baking classes are easy-to-understand, resourceful, and well-shot. They also run The French Pastry School, where they teach various pastry arts. 

    You can get access to this best online baking course for $24.99 a month. A yearly subscription will cost you $199.99. By the way, they also offer a 10-day free trial as well. 

    Course summary:

    • Over 170 videos on baking lessons
    • Proven baking instructors with loads of experience
    • Offers a 10-day trial 
    • A bunch of recipes, tips, and tricks.

    6. Dominique Ansel Teaches French Pastry Fundamentals (MasterClass)

    If you’re into baking already, you might have heard about Dominique Ansel. Well, the World’s Best Pastry Chef is teaching his techniques online.

    Available on MasterClass, this is one of the best online baking courses you could get. Why? Well, not only the instructor is a proven best in the industry, but also the content is well-produced too.

    With this course, you get 17 online baking classes, with a combined runtime of 3h 37m. Here, you will get to learn top-notch techniques of baking biscuits, cakes, creams, and pastries. Along with these techniques, the course also offers several mouthwatering recipes as well.

    Do you think that such a popular course would cost you a fortune? Surprisingly no! You can avail this course with a MasterClass membership, which will costs you $15 a month.

    Course summary:

    • 17 baking lesson videos, produced by industry legend, Dominique Ansel
    • An inexpensive monthly membership at $15
    • Access to delicious recipes

    7. Classic Croissants, Modern Techniques (Craftsy)

    For those of you who are interested in mastering the craft of croissant baking, this course is the way to go. Created by Colette Christian, the author of the book, Mastering Macaroons, this course offers an in-depth look at baking.

    It has a total of six online baking classes, covering techniques, recipes, tips, and tricks. It also comes with a bonus class that teaches you how to make dough without a mixer. The course also has a preview video, where you could get to see how the classes are going to be.

    One can seamlessly access this course with a Craftsy membership, which is available at $7.99 per month or $79.99 a year. If you don’t want to get the membership, you also have an option of purchasing this standalone course at $29.99.

    Course summary:

    • Access to 6 online baking videos
    • Includes baking tips, tricks, techniques, and recipes too.
    • A bonus video available for free

    8. Gluten-Free Baking (America’s Test Kitchen)

    In the last decade or so, there has been a massive trend of people ditching gluten in their food. So here, we bring you a baking course solely focused on preparing gluten-free dishes.

    This extensive course comes in a seven-part series, which has 30+ online baking classes. The technique videos teach you how gluten-free baking works and core baking techniques. 

    Along with that, you will also learn several recipes including cakes, cookies, and pies. Everything is neatly explained through a range of videos. They’re offering a 14-day trial, where you also get access to other cooking and baking courses.

    The best part is, you’ll get to work with a test cook instructor, where you can learn many baking skills directly. 

    Course summary:

    • More than 30 videos on gluten-free baking methods
    • Many recipes of cookies, cakes, and pies
    • Offers a 14-day trial

    Advanced Level

    9. Pastry Arts Diploma or Degree (Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts)

    There aren’t many expert-level baking courses out there. However, out of the few available, Auguste Escoffier School offers one of the best online baking diplomas. 

    They offer extensive training programs on not only how to bake, but also several other aspects related to it. Currently, they have two courses, which are Diploma in Professional Pastry Arts and Associate of Occupations Studies, which is a Degree in Baking and Pastry. 

    Through these two courses, this cooking school teaches baking and pastry fundamentals, Menu Design and Management, Food and Beverage Cost Control, Food Service and Management, Cake Designing and Decorating, and many more. 

    Course summary:

    • Full-fledged baking courses including a Diploma and a Degree
    • Offers a lot more than just baking skill lessons
    • Rated highly among the industry peers
    • A rich curriculum that covers many other related topics

    10. Online Baking Academy

    Here, you can choose from different baking courses. They’re offering standalone courses on different dishes such as rolls, cakes, pastries, buns, and Chocalats. 

    However, they also offer a monthly membership where you can access all the available courses. This membership comes at the price of $6.99 a month. If you choose to go with any single course, they come at a different price, which ranges between $9.95 to $129.99. 

    They also have a couple of free courses on sourdough bread baking and Swedish Crisp bread. 

    Course summary:

    • Many baking courses to choose from
    • Inexpensive course prices that start at $6.99
    • Standalone courses available at a fixed price
    • Offers rare-to-find baking lessons

    Other Places to Find Online Baking Courses

    Apart from the above-mentioned courses, you can also learn baking from a couple of reputed sources. Here’s a look at them:


    Jen Mold, a self-learned baking instructor teaches all the basic and advanced baking techniques, through a step-by-step approach. The information is presented via different articles, which are free to access.

    The lessons are well-organized, with pictures for illustrative purposes. If you’re a beginner, this is a great place to start with, as it also doesn’t cost you anything. 

    Airbnb Online Experiences

    If you’re up for an exciting experience, at an exotic place where you could also learn the local culture, along with baking recipes, Airbnb Online Experiences is the best bet.

    This lets you pick from a long list of instructors where they teach people some of their best and famous baking techniques. Additionally, you can also enjoy the local culture and customs. 


    Baking is a fun and useful skill. Moreover, you can also learn it from the comfort of your home, as all these courses are available online. Aside from merely boosting your skill, you may also use your acquired knowledge in starting a bakery business. To know more, you can read our complete guide about how to sell baked goods online

    For more business management tips and help, feel free to contact us.  Enjoy baking!