Notice on Upcoming Migration of Penny Saved

A Penny Saved provides advice on personal finance in the hopes of helping you become more financially free. All information they provided was backed up with practical tips.

However, the Authors at Penny Saved are not Licensed Financial Advisors. That said, it is best to review all information and advice found on this website with your financial advisor.

We will continue striving to make Penny Saved easier for readers to follow and get more practical and useful information in managing your finances.

Penny Stocks and Other Fun Ways To Make Money

There are different ways to earn extra money. In fact, you can turn your hobby into a full-blown career. Penny Saved talks about two popular ways to make money:

Penny Stocks

These are stocks that are traded for less than a dollar per share.  Just like any type of stock, it will rise and fall several times throughout the day, week, or year.

This is best for those with sound financial experience. That said, you need to do your research and find the best places to invest.

Online Trading

This refers to trading used goods. It involves looking for items that are being sold for less than what they are worth. To start, you can look for thrift stores or online markets for used goods, then turn them around and sell through an online listing for a higher price. 


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