Ten Great Personal Finance Blogs


David Ning has been offering wealth-building tips since 2007, in which he urges people to pursue wealth goals instead of accepting their status quo. Apart from everyday posts, Ning provides a number of guides on frugal lifestyle, financial management, and investment strategy.

Wise Bread

Wise Bread offers a tool that the underpaid or unemployed consumer can use. This community-driven blog has drawn talented bloggers ever since it was found by a trio of friends in 2006. It excels at sharing effective guidelines on how to maximising small budgets.

The Digerati Life

On first pass, this site doesn’t seem to be too sensible, what with a female engineer from Silicon Valley sharing about personal finances. This unusual setup otherwise provides a fresh and original view of entrepreneurship and financial management, keeping watch on macroeconomic trends as it goes along.

Wallet Pop

This consumer-friendly blog is one of a number in AOL’s expanding network of financial sites. It updates upwards of 10 times on regular days while providing a wide range of articles on many issues, such as finance calculators, consumer guidance, and money-saving discounts.

The Consumerist

With its “Shoppers Bite Back” tagline, the blog aims to inform and protect consumers by uncovering the sleazy side of consumer-facing marketing. It does not just hold corporate America to more honest practices as the writers also strive to educate consumers on good spending habits.

Savvy Sugar

Were the girls of Sex in the City girls to worry about their spending, this would be their ideal source of financial tips. The blog focuses on career-driven women and offers guidelines on how to keep their glam on a budget while navigating workplaces.

Financial Samurai

Sam was a former corporate samurai who had fallen during the recession, so he started blogging about his own financial experiences. With his creative views and writing, the blog consistently offers edifying yet entertaining articles in an offbeat manner.

Man Vs Debt

Blogger Adam Baker shares his struggles with personal debts in his witty and honest telling of an appealing story that evolves daily. His articles on how he’s creating a better future for his family by surmounting economic woes has moved readers to support his efforts.

The Simple Dollar

Blogger Trent Hamm grew up in poverty, but experienced his own rise among the ranks of the middle class. But his initial success had led to too much spending, which brought about his economic meltdown. He recounts his experiences in improving life with a more fiscally responsible approach.

Get Rich Slowly

In his blog, JD Roth says, “Few get rich quickly, but nearly anyone can get rich slowly.” He offers sensible tips on how to work hard, spend efficiently, and invest safely towards accumulating wealth. Those who dream of a rags-to-riches lifestyle will find little to boost them here.

Free From Broke

As a New Yorker myself, it’s easy to understand this local blogger’s candid accounts of ragged family finances. Other than great tips on handling personal finances, there’s a lot on macro fiscal policies that is written in basic and sensible terms.

Budgets are Sexy

Its sexy-sounding title notwithstanding, the blogger J. Money goes over the depressing topic of personal budgeting with an upbeat message. His responses are largely driven by community Q&A, which leads to some of the more approachable online reads on personal finance.

Money Crashers

This community-curated site encourages its college audience to adopt responsible consumption and financial management. With its basic budgeting tools and guidelines that less savvy consumers can follow, it’s a great resource for young consumers out to handle their expenses.

Cash Money Life

Instead of tossing out instructions on managing bank balances, the blog encourages people to improve their skill sets towards more successful careers. There’s a ton of useful business tutorials, opportunities, and even coupons to get readers started on lifestyle upgrades.

Five Cent Nickel

Head writer Nickel offers experienced guidance on fiscal matters along with reviews of various personal finance tools. With half a decade’s worth of articles on hand, the site could use a design refresh, but its content is always relevant and helpful.