What Are The Interest Rates And Fees The Licensed Moneylenders Can Charge?


There are many moneylending services in Singapore. This often does help Singaporeans suffice their financial needs. Because of this, the Singaporean government intended to protect borrowers. Moneylending firms offer loans to borrowers. Some debtors, however, fail to fulfill the minimum yearly income requirements by banks. Therefore, licensed moneylenders offer loans with high interest rates.

To help in controlling this, the government intends to ensure security and safety. And this is for the borrowers as well as the lenders. The bill enforced in July 2015, outlined the changes on the interests.

This is the rate that moneylenders can apply from the earlier 20 % to 4 %. This is for each month no matter the yearly income and if the loan type is unsecured or secured amid protests from a few of the 173 certified moneylenders in Singapore. The new rates of interest capped for loans were enacted. This was with the intention of protecting the interests of the public.

Even then, borrowers in Singapore should be in the know. They need to know the current interest rates implementation, which was set at a 4 percent cap. And this is effective 1st October 2015. The cap restricts moneylenders to a 4 % maximum interest rate, and this is the amount for each month.

These rates are applicable no matter how small, or big the borrower’s salary is as well whether the loan taken is unsecured or secured. When it happens that the borrower has missed repaying their loan, it is the highest interest rate licensed moneylenders can charge.

What This Means For A Borrower
Working with a licensed moneylender in Singapore can protect you. This is from crazy very high-interest rates which you could incur when you deal with the illegal moneylenders. Especially when you fail to make payments promptly.

With a 4% cap, for borrowers, it means safer and more precise ways of understanding the rates. More so on how these interests can work against you.

Calculation of Interest Charged
The rates of interest are not charged based on rough estimates. But they are based on computations done. The calculation is not the initial principal amount after the loan approval. However, the remaining principal amount after deducting all payments made.

It is given for instance, when a borrower takes out $21, 000. And they have repaid $14, 000. Thus only the leftover amount $7,000 is used for calculation of interest. Therefore, the rates of interests reduce and this is while the borrower pays off their monthly dues.

Late Payment Charged
When you make late monthly, they are subject to be charged interest. But it is not calculated on the initial principal loan amount.

For instance, when a borrower has taken out $22, 000. And they fail to pay off $5,000 as the initial installment fee. The moneylender needs only to calculate the interests on the $5,000. This is not charged on the outstanding amount of $17,000. Since the amount remaining and isn’t due yet.

Being aware of how the interest rates are charged will help you make a wise decision regarding choosing the suitable moneylender and the right repayment plan that you are comfortable with.
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