Successful Ecommerce Business Strategy

10 Tips on Running a Successful Ecommerce Business Strategy


    Generally, any commercial transaction through the internet is considered eCommerce. Recent years have shown us that some popular retail brands have shifted their business from physical to online. This is not surprising given the convenience eCommerce business brings to the business owner and the customers.

    The idea of eCommerce may sound simple to you. Still, the truth is you need to consider various factors to maintain your social media presence, attract new customers, convince them to buy, and come back again to buy more.  This article provides some of the tested and proven ways to make a solid online presence for your business.

    10 Tips on Running an Effective Ecommerce Business Strategy

    With most brands and products shifting to eCommerce, it is a challenge to get people to go to your website, purchase a product, and subscribe to your services. Standing out among the rest of the market is extra challenging given that you’re marketing strategies may only be limited online. Unless you reach your target market, it will be hard to have people visit your website.

    Fortunately, some factors will help you attract new customers and keep your loyal ones. These will also help you enhance your relationship with them. Prepare your pen and paper and take note of the tips.

    Below are 10 tips on how to make an effective eCommerce marketing strategy. At this point, we would like to remind you that what works for others may not work for you. In reading these tips, you need to have in mind your brand and business and whether these tips may help you or not.

    1. Paragraphs and Photographs

    Considering that your customers are shopping or browsing your products online, you have to invest in high-quality photographs and well-written product descriptions. Remember that your customers cannot personally examine the items they want to buy. High-quality photos and the angles of the pictures will help them appreciate things more.

    Sometimes it also helps if a model wears the products for reference. Since there is an absence of personal inspection from your customers, you have to describe your items well. Provide for the specification of your materials. In this way, your customers will know your items’ texture, fit, and style. This helps them decide whether they would buy the products or not.

    If you are not confident with your graphic design skills, worry not. Various online platforms provide graphic design services for people like you.  The interface of these websites is easy enough to navigate and explore.

    Below are some of the websites that enable you to edit and layout photographs.  

    Graphic Design Apps/ Websites

    Canva– is a popular website offering free templates that can be used for various purposes, such as but not limited to presentations, posters, and social media posts. You can already create a decent graphic design for free, but if you want to unlock other useful tools and icons, you can upgrade to Canva Pro anytime.

    Stencil– is a website that can help you design and layout posters, invitation cards, and other social media posts. The stencil needs a subscription.

    Venngage – if you are interested in making infographics, then Venggage is the right website for you.

    Writing Content Apps/ Websites

    In case writing content is not what you are comfortable with, there are available websites that help you improve your grammar. These websites not only correct your grammar but also helps you construct your sentences for better understanding and clarity.

    Fortunately, most of these website services are offered for free. Improve your content by installing any of these apps. You can deliver a more concise, persuasive, and striking message on your website.

    We cannot emphasize enough how important high-quality photos and well-written content for eCommerce marketing. If you are unsure where to start, it is safe to consider these two factors for your eCommerce marketing strategies. 

    Tips that you may do to enhance your paragraphs and photographs

    • Use attractive thumbnail photos.
    • Cover all possible angles of a product
    • Make proper subheadings
    • Use appropriate font style and size.
    • Provide video, if possible


    2. Improve Ecommerce Search Usability

    Another effective eCommerce marketing is your search usability. You can do this if your platform can record or analyze the things that your customers are looking for. Your system should enable you to track your customers’ searches. If you do this, you have an effective navigation and search capability.

    To further improve your search usability, you should layout your online site having in mind visitors who know what they want to buy and visitors who only want to browse. Your online site must provide easy access to the correct information for customers who exactly know what they want. If you fail to provide this, chances are they will transfer to other sites.

    Consider also that your website’s browsers probably are potential customers and want to view and compare products. It is best if your website can put your products into categories and tabs. You need to have a menu bar and classes that have easy-to-use sections.

    Some factors that you need to consider to maximize your search usability

    • Design and behavior of the search field;
    • Search scope selection;
    • How should the autocomplete be designed;
    • Results layout and features;
    • Filtering and sorting the search results on the results page.


    3. Lead Generation Quizzes

    As emphasized earlier, one key in marketing is having a personal connection with your customers.  Getting more information from your customers to have a more personalized response from them is quite a challenge. This is crucial because knowing more personal information about your customers can help you personalize their experience with your services.

    One of the ticks in eCommerce marketing is the use of lead generation quizzes. It is a fun way of knowing your customers’ preferences and buying behavior without being annoying and invasive. 

    You can check the lead generation quiz of takecareof as a reference. This is a subtle way of getting more personal information without being forceful.

    Some information that may be helpful to collect:

    • The email address of the website visitor
    • The birthday of your customer
    • the products they are most interested in


    4. Level Up Your Content Marketing Strategy

    Having a great content marketing strategy would catch more attention that could lead to more sales. Perhaps, it is trite to say that eCommerce is all about content. But it is accurate, and we’re going to tell it anyway.

    People spend their time looking at their phones, scrolling, navigating, reading, and exploring. To get their attention, you need to have relatable content. When we say content, this is not limited to descriptions but everything that you post online.

    May it be a photo, a video, or a story, these are content. Good content may help your market realize that they need your product. Sometimes, it might even convince them that it is the right time to reward themselves. 

    Tips that you may consider in stepping up your content:

    • know your target audience
    • learn the language your audience speaks
    • study the behavior of your target market in a particular social medium
    • be updated with the trend on the internet

    5. Referral Program

    Probably you have heard that word-of-mouth marketing is one of the best marketing strategies. Well, that remains to be true even in the context of eCommerce marketing strategies. Word of mouth in the online platforms is still practical and relevant in the online platform. 

    But how do you do it online? 

    One way of doing it is using a referral program. “Refer a friend and get a 5% discount voucher on your first purchase” familiar? This might be a common strategy, but this could give you more traffic if done right.

    Consider providing benefits to your customers who can bring more people to your website and purchase your products. You can be creative. Don’t be limited to discounts.

    Practical advice that you may consider:

    • know more about your audience
    • decide what incentives you can give to your customers who can effectively refer your business.
    • know the perfect timing of offering special discounts for a successful referral


    6. Highlight New Product/s

    If you are in an online store, remember that you should also be strategic with your labels more than aesthetics. Everyone loves things that are “new.” Hence, one good eCommerce marketing strategy lets your customers know about new and hot products available on your website.

    Since the products are new, it will also help if you create a well-written and compelling product description that highlights the product’s best features for a more appealing ‘product feature.’ This way, your customers will be convinced to get the latest product in your online store.

    Another strategy is to make a campaign for your new releases. The timing of your new product’s release may also aid in boosting the footprints on your website. Most website visitors are there to find what’s new in the market.

    7. Offer Discounts

    Who does not want discounts? Discounts make us feel good about buying. It lessens the guilt of people in shopping. It is also important to remember that online shoppers are familiar with how the market works and will usually purchase only when a store offers discounts.

    Thus, timing is essential for this strategy. You can do it when there’s a special occasion, and people are willing to spend extra cash for shopping. Sometimes, it also helps when you have a regular schedule of offering discounts, such as once a month and a catchy phrase.

    Another eCommerce marketing strategy is offering free shipping. This may be given on top of your usual discounts. Visitors to your page will likely purchase if they see these offers.


    8. Stay on top of your mind! Email marketing

    businessman using laptop

    If you think nobody reads an email, then you’re wrong. Email marketing, when done right, could lead you to more sales. Sending emails to buyers is a great way of informing them of your upcoming sale or new releases. Thus, you must collect the email address of your customers.

    The key to a successful email campaign is knowing what to write. A few days before your next sales campaign, write a simple announcement email and attach a .ics file. Don’t forget to include the dates of the sale and probably what they can expect. 

    Another marketing strategy is to frame your email copy around exclusivity and thank subscribers for being on your email list. This will help the email feel more personal and less spam. Of course, your subscribers would not appreciate it if they feel like it is just a templated message.

    Helpful tips in conducting email marketing:

    • Always include a description and a website link in your calendar event.
    • You keep track of the products in the cart of your visitors that they haven’t purchased yet.
    • Be responsive if ever they write you back with their concerns.
    • Remember the birthdays of your existing customers and send them greetings and promos.
    • Ask for customer reviews.

    Suppose you are having a hard time organizing the sending of emails. You may want to check websites online that can help you with your scheduled emails. 

    These email marketing apps are:


    9. Personalize the homepage

    There are various ways that may help you fulfill the absence of physical interaction in your online site. You can enhance the user experience of your website visitors if you get to personalize your homepage. Your goal should not be limited to making your visitor’s purchase products and making them subscribe to your online store.

    Moreover, simply addressing them by their first name or recognizing what they would likely want could do a lot in your sales. You can also display personalized and catchy pop-up messages when they are browsing your products. You may recommend products of their liking.

    This is also where you can use the information you may have collected in employing the tips given above, such as managing the email address and having your visitors answer lead generation quizzes. Your existing customers are more likely to come back to your website if they feel like you understand what they want and need.

    10. Boost your Social Media Strategy

    Perhaps, the most popular eCommerce marketing today is social media. You can never go wrong in boosting your social media strategy. Not only it will help you increase your sales, but it will also help you attract internet users to be a subscriber of your store.

    Some tips that you can consider to boost your social media presence are:

    • Post daily and consistently. Your social media presence will be enhanced if you have regular posts on your social media account. Publishing content at least three times may be a good number to reach your target customers.
    • Consider an automated tool to make sure your posts are on track. In line with the first time, it will be more convenient to employ a tool to track your posts. This will keep your presence consistent.
    • Always use images when posting, even on Twitter. Again, most internet users are more interested when they see visuals. There is nothing more effective than showing them your product. This is a proven effective marketing strategy to make your potential customers go to your page and purchase.
    • Do not spam. You do not want your current subscribers to get irritated with you. Schedule and plan your email campaigns well to avoid this from happening.
    • Do not use social media for promotions only; engage with your customers. Treat all those who comment on your posts as target customers. Answer their queries nicely and accommodate their concerns. This is also a way of getting to know more of your audience.
    • Use analytics to track your audience’s engagement. The thing with a social media marketing strategy is it is easy to quantify. Most platforms provide the statistics of your reach. These analytics will also help you design a more effective eCommerce marketing strategy.
    • Test multiple social media marketing strategies before picking the right one for your business. Not all techniques work for everyone. Each eCommerce business has a diverse audience and products. Thus, what may be working for some may not work for you.

    Social Media Schedule Planning

    Another important eCommerce marketing strategy is social media schedule planning. If you post too little, you may be forgotten. If you post too much, you may be hated. It is crucial to know when to post, what to post, and how often you need to post.

    If you have no idea how to make social media schedule planning, you may want to check out websites that help you make a schedule. These websites are:

    Establishing a social media presence is a proven successful strategy in eCommerce. As seen in this article, various methods may be employed. Depending on your budget, you may collaborate with influencers to help you reach more potential customers.

    These are just some of the tips that you can try to help boost your sales. The list is not exclusive. You may do everything or combine just some of the recommendations.


    Ecommerce is for everyone, may it be a big or small business. It’s easy to set up an online account, but it takes many strategies to make such an account visible and productive.  eCommerce website with a good brand, consistent marketing strategies, and well-thought content usually succeeds.

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    Although these tips work well for most businesses, keep in mind that your business has a brand and needs of its own. You don’t need to do everything that is listed here. You know your business, brand, and audience more than anyone. The secret is to know what to apply in your business and never be afraid of experimenting.

    Lastly, never forget about customer feedback. Always consider what makes them buy and what doesn’t and change your services accordingly. Remember that it is not still the brand or product that increases your sales but the totality of your customer’s shopping experience.

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