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Top 35 SEO Keywords for Bakery with Low Competition to Increase Traffic


    Owning a bakery—or any kind of business for that matter—warrants the use of all useful things at your disposal. One thing you should do is create a website for your business, use SEO keywords for bakery shops, and let it pull business toward your store.

    SEO or search engine optimization refers to optimizing your website to make it more visible to search engines and help potential customers find it better. Using the appropriate SEO keywords in your website can improve SEO, as these terms are the ones people type into the Google search bar when doing their searches.

    Three Main Factors to Rank on a Search Engine

    1. Local SEO

    Refers to making a business more visible to local searches. Using local SEO helps physical stores, especially to get potential customers in the area toward the physical store.

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    2. On-Page SEO

    Refers to optimizing everything that happens on your website, like your titles, posts, URLs, internal links, etc. It also includes improving website speeds and site structure. On-page local SEO involves targeting keywords commonly used as search terms by people in a particular location.

    3. Off-Page SEO

    Refers to optimizing outside your website, like link-building and having a presence in external sites, like social media. Off-page local SEO involves building a presence in sites and having consistent NAP (name, address, phone number) for all of them so that Google recognizes the business as being in said area.

    Top-performing Keywords for Bakeries’ SEO

    According to Clever Ads Keyword Planner, the top, low-competition SEO keywords for bakeries based in the US are:

    Top-performing Keywords

    bakery near me pastry shop vegan bakery near me
    cupcakes corner bakery near me best bakery near me
    pastries pastry shop near me italian bakery
    cake shop bread store near me cake bake shop
    panaderia near me a piece of cake bread bakery near me
    bread company baking store near me bakeshop
    piece of cake bakery cafe cupcake bakery near me
    pastries near me bakery bar asian bakery near me
    italian bakery near me local bakery near me cupcake shops near me
    vegan bakery near me bakery shop near me german bakery near me
    mexican bakery baking store near me bread near me
    mexican bakery near me nearest bakery

    This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use high-competitive keywords. Having a healthy amount of them can be good, especially if you want to be visible in the search results for local searches.  Don’t be afraid to include “custom cakes” or  “birthday cake” in your content despite the terms being highly competitive, especially if you do make custom cakes and birthday cakes.These particular terms have low competition, meaning that not many sites use these SEO keywords. This is the perfect opportunity for you to swoop in and make your bakery website appear on the first page of Google search results —factor by optimizing it for these particular SEO keywords.

    How Do You Further Optimize the SEO Visibility of Your Website?

    Websites fight tooth and nail to be on the first page of Google search results. Searchers don’t normally check page 2, so you want to find a way to make sure you are on the first page to generate leads and make sales.

    Here are some steps to ensure your bakery site is more visible than other websites:

    1. Strategically integrate keywords

    Search engine optimization is not as simple as using a high-volume SEO keyword and calling it a day. Factor in the ratio of the volume of searches with the amount of competition when choosing search terms. Use your findings for the best SEO keywords to include in your posts, and use them strategically. Generate content based on keywords for bakery items and ensure that they are high quality

    2. Make your website fast, secure, and mobile-friendly

    Poor website performance and lack of mobile integration can turn away searchers who visit your site. Choose a website hosting service with good performance to ensure your website runs smooth and keeps visitor data secure.

    3. Use SEO keywords in every part of your content

    Include SEO keywords in title tags, title headings, metadata, and wherever possible within your posts.

    4. Add your bakery on Google My Business

    Don’t rely on SEO keywords alone. Build visibility by claiming or creating a Google My Business profile. It can provide answers and information about your bakery, and it gives you the opportunity to accept reviews. Getting five reviews makes your bakery visible on Google Maps.

    5. Claim and be consistent with your NAP

    Make your bakery address, phone number, and business name consistent throughout all of your websites. This makes Google recognize your bakery shop to be of a particular location, improving the local SEO of your website.

    6. Regularly update with high-quality, SEO keyword-optimized posts

    Search engine optimization is not a one-and-done situation. Do not let your website stagnate. Regularly add posts with SEO keywords for bakery-related topics to maintain site performance to keep ranking consistent.

    7. Optimize media with keywords

    Using high-quality videos and pictures in your posts can add engagement, but you can also use them for bakery SEO by optimizing them with the right keywords for bakeries.

    Free Research Tools to Generate and Review Keywords

    The question “What terms are currently high-performing” has an ever-fluctuating answer. Keyword research is important in SEO, as you need proper, updated information to generate leads and sales. Here are some free tools to help you get the answers you need.

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    The Bottom Line

    The current, top-performing SEO keywords in the US with low competition are largely local searches. This means improving local SEO can be beneficial to your bakery business. But it’s important to keep in mind that keyword stats change over time, so you should keep yourself updated by using keyword tools.