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Top 25 Trending Products to Sell Online in 2022


    2020 has been a tough year for everybody across the globe.

    However, the drive to succeed is not lost for a lot of people. To earn extra income or finally be their own boss, many are exploring the prospect of setting up their own eCommerce store.

    Sifting through all the opinions of peers and experts can be confusing. If you’re undecided on which eCommerce niche to dedicate yourself to in the long term but already itching to earn some money, grab the opportunity to sell the trending products at the moment.

    Check out our list of trending products to sell in 2022!

    Top 25 trending products to sell online in 2022

    Beauty and Self Care

    People now have more time to indulge in self-care. Here are the top trending products for beauty and self-care to sell in 2022:

    1. Peel-off mask

    Skincare and makeup influencers on Youtube and Instagram have popularized face masks in recent years. But in 2022, the trending product in the face mask niche is the peel-off face mask.

    Search data from Keywords Everywhere shows that “peel-off face mask” receives at least 30,000 searches monthly. The more general “facial mask” niche itself receives 81,000 searches each month.

    Take advantage of Youtube and Instagram if you plan to sell face masks or other top trending products in the beauty industry. Removing peel-off face masks is visually satisfying to watch for viewers.

    Sponsor makeup and skincare influencers to promote your products. You can also publish your own content on Instagram and use trending hashtags, share face mask posts by other users, run contests, and so on.

    2. Nail Polish/Nail Extensions

    Most women won’t be satisfied with her outfit of the day without having their nails done. Teenagers and Millenials are trying on different nail polish variants like gel, acrylic, metallic, etc. Nail extensions are booming alternatives for those who want to change their nail designs more often.

    On Instagram, more than 154 million posts are tagged with #nails, while 83 million posts contain #nailart. There is also a steady demand for “nail polish,” according to Google Trends.

    If nail polish and nail extensions are your picks for trending products to sell in 2022, create Pinterest boards and Instagram carousel posts to show different nail designs that can be achieved with your products. Collaborate with fashion and beauty influencers and promote even further through ads.

    3. Beard Oil

    In the mid-2010s, sporting a full beard became a trend associated with “hipsters,” but this soon became a mainstream practice to this day.

    The idea that only metrosexual men maintain proper grooming is outdated. For men who have beards, moisturizing and conditioning their facial hair with beard oil has become a must. In fact, beard oil continues to be a top trending product since 2013, according to Google Trends.

    Look for undiscovered angles when marketing beard oils.

    For example, Beardbrand, a successful beard oil eCommerce store, noticed that beard oil companies usually targeted hippies or outdoorsmen. It strayed away from the norm and chose white-collared men as its target audience.


    Switching to a work-from-home setup has made companies realize that employees don’t need to be at the office to perform their tasks.

    Spending more time at home meant more time to redecorate and a chance to improve their new working space f0r a lot of homeowners. Some of the top trending products under this category are:

    1. Mattress (bed)

    Working people who had to travel for hours to work are given longer periods to rest. Unfortunately, others are overworked by their employers, causing tons of stress and anxiety.

    In either case, people are looking forward to sleep in a comfier bed at the end of their long day. Mattress sales soared high last year, requiring manufacturers to double down on their production capacity. This is reflected in Google Trends, which shows that interest in “mattress” is rising slowly but steadily.

    When marketing mattresses, help consumers find the best mattress in your product line for their sleeping needs through educational guides and infographics. Partner with influencers focused on health and wellness to widen your reach.

    2. Pillows

    Besides investing in a good mattress, people want to complete the package of a great night’s sleep with quality pillows. The high demand for pillows last year can be seen from Google Trends data.

    But besides buying better sleeping pillows, consumers are also looking for decorative pillows as a quick yet inexpensive way to add a touch of color or pattern to any room.

    To market pillows for the bedroom, capitalize on the marked improvement it can contribute to sleeping, and promote them through health and wellness influencers. 

    As for decorative pillows, offer consumers out-of-the-ordinary designs. Make sure to promote your brand through interior design blogs.  Additionally, if you already have an e-commerce store or blog, write SEO content giving interior design tips on how to spruce up a room with pillows.

    Also, If you want to focus more on aesthetics, sponsoring credible interior designers would boost your shop. 

    3. Kitchen and Dining Chairs

    Consumers are not just setting up and decorating their home workspaces. People are cooking and eating more at home because of the pandemic, so they’re reviving their kitchens and dining areas.  An immediately noticeable way to update such spaces is by buying new kitchen and dining chairs, which are top trending products in 2020.

    “Kitchen chairs” generate around 60,500 searches monthly, while “dining room chairs” have more than double with 135,000 searches.

    Cash in on the high demand for furniture by running Shopping Ads on Google. Make sure that your ads contain longer-tail keywords matching your product descriptions.

    4. Air Fryer

    People had more time in their hands to experiment with their cooking during the early days of lockdown. Because of this, air fryers gained a resurgence in popularity and continue to grow today.

    Based on Google Trends data, the term “air fryer” peaked last December, but it is now more relevant than it ever did before 2020. In fact, the air fryer industry expects a market growth of 10.57% CAGR between 2020-2026.

    When selling air fryers, highlight how they can benefit one’s health compared to using deep fryers. Share short cooking videos using your air fryer on your blog or online store to attract customers.

    Gadgets and Accessories

    Most people can’t get their hands off the latest tech products, and the pandemic did not stop them. Check out this list of what to sell online this year in this industry:

    1. Ring Light

    Before, having a ring light was a thing reserved for beauty influencers to take professional-looking shots of their makeup.

    Now, however, the average consumer is buying ring lights to have better lighting for their online classes or work meetings. Plus, with more people on Youtube and Tiktok, uploading high-quality footage is key to virality. According to Google Trends, interest in ring lights began to rise in March last year and continues to gain traction.

    Promote ring lights on Instagram and Facebook by posting before and after shots using the product and running ads. Partner with social media influencers who focus on career or school to market the idea that ring lights can improve the video conferencing experience.

    2. Wearable devices

    Last year, wearable devices became the in-demand products in the tech sector since consumers have more time to monitor their health and fitness goals consistently.

    These products have gone beyond your typical fitness tracker since many brands have released devices last year that measure blood oxygen levels, perform ECG tests, track sleep, and so on. Some consumers only use wearable devices for daily work or social media updates.

    Most entrepreneurs don’t have the resources to manufacture these devices. You can, however, set up a dropshipping store and find a reliable supplier. Market them by partnering with influencers dedicated to sports and health.

    3. Laptop Skin

    If people are accessorizing their mobile phones with phone cases, they’re doing the same with their laptops through laptop skins. It’s difficult to pinpoint why this became a trending product in 2020, but it can be attributed to consumers wanting to upgrade their home workspaces that usually includes their laptops.

    Data from Google Trends in 2020 show that interest for “laptop skins” enjoyed peaks almost quarterly – in May, August, and November.

    The term “laptop skins” receives an average of 33,100 searches monthly, according to Keywords Everywhere. Furthermore, people are searching for laptop skins for specific brands. You can take advantage of this trending product by targeting customers based on their laptop brands.

    4. Wireless charger

    Most people can’t get their hands off of the latest tech products in the market. It also means that they have accumulated dozens of cables and chargers that look messy from afar. Wireless charging solves this problem by offering clutter-free and convenient charging.

    There is a huge potential for long-term growth, and the wireless charging market is rising at a market growth of 28.4% from 2020 to 2026.

    In the past couple of years, tech brands have been manufacturing wireless charging products that can simultaneously charge multiple devices. Like wearable devices, it’s best to set up dropshipping online stores to exploit the demand for wireless charging today.

    Sports and Wellness

    Active woman practicing yoga at home

    Some consumers are rediscovering their love for sports and fitness since the pandemic started. Here are some products that health-conscious and outdoor-loving customers are loving:

    1. Kayak Accessories

    More and more Americans are discovering the joy of kayaking. To have a safer and more enjoyable experience, consumers are buying kayak accessories like dry bags, paddles, and tail blowers.

    According to Google Trends, buyers are usually looking for the best deals before summer and after the holiday season.

    If you have a kayaking or outdoors e-commerce business, here are some marketing tips to help you:

    • Post captivating kayaking trips
    • Create content featuring kayaking areas to visit
    • Run ads on Facebook and Instagram

    2. Sports Bottles

    The growing awareness to save the environment in one’s own little ways and lead a more active lifestyle has paved the way for more consumers to buy reusable sports bottles than single-use plastic ones. The increase in demand is reflected in data from Google Trends.

    According to Keywords Everywhere, tons of people are searching for the following keywords online:

    • Water bottles: 103,000 searches per month
    • Sports water bottle: 14,800 per month
    • Reusable water bottles: 27,100 per month

    If you want to sell to specific groups of people, focus on those who are conscious of their health or the environment. You can run ads targeting them on Facebook. You can also use Google Ads to gain visibility whenever users search for sports bottles or reusable water bottles.

    3. Athleisure

    To stay stylish yet comfortable at home, many consumers are turning into athleisure for everyday clothing.

    Sportswear retailers reported stronger sales growth than other apparel retailers in 2020, and this growth is expected to continue as more people will stay in their work-from-home setups.

    If you want to sell this trending product, offer matching sets or create product lines. You can also sell products separately and post guides on how to mix-and-match one item with another. Promote your online store by collaborating with fitness enthusiasts.

    4. Yoga Mats

    Yoga has become increasingly popular due to better awareness of its benefits for the mind and body. Yoga mats have been gaining a lot of interest, with “yoga mats” searches reaching around 191,000 per month. More consumers are also leaning towards yoga mats made from eco-friendly materials.

    When marketing yoga mats, post photos of your products in indoor spaces with natural lighting or the outdoors near beaches on Instagram and Pinterest.

    Collaborate with yogis who can promote your yoga mats on their Instagram accounts.

    Make sure to run ads during the holidays and every January, when people usually try to commit to their New Year’s resolution to be fitter.

    5. Exercise bands

    Due to worldwide shutdowns of gyms, the demand for at-home exercise equipment, including exercise bands, grew last year. The term “resistance bands” receives a whopping 673,000 searches per month, according to Keywords Everywhere.

    Publish exercise videos on your social media using these niche products or collaborate with fitness influencers. Make sure to also build traffic on your website by creating SEO content on exercise bands and other fitness-related trending products.

    Car and Travel

    The pandemic has adversely affected traveling, but it has not hindered consumers from buying traveling essentials and accessories. Here are some products that trended in this category:

    1. Luggage Suitcase

    No industry has probably been hit worse than the travel industry. By April last year, luggage sales have already dropped by 90%.

    Although the numbers tell a sad tale, smart consumers are taking advantage of the dropping luggage prices by buying now. Follow their direction and consider purchasing these products and reselling them once prices pick up, especially when the industry returns to its normal state. Setting up a dropshipping online store is always a good idea for this product as well.

    2. Car Covers

    People are rarely using their cars today; some are on a work-from-home setup or minimize their exposure outside. Although consumers are saving gas money, their cars are collecting tons of dust in their garages.

    In fact, Google Trends data will show that interest in “car covers” has been steadily growing for several years now, even without the pandemic.

    Run ads on Facebook and Google to sell car covers. Entice potential customers by focusing on how it is a maintenance product to protect their cars’ appearance.

    3. Car Charger

    Demand for car chargers has been increasing steadily for years, according to Google Trends. Consumers are now heavily reliant on their smartphones for their day-to-day tasks and need to charge them more often. When driving to their destinations, they can easily recharge their mobile phones with car chargers.

    There are many low-quality car chargers in the market, so take the time to find a great supplier that will help you reap five-star reviews with customers. Run customized Facebook and Google ads to reach the right audiences.


    More people spent time with their furry friends during this pandemic and discovered trending products to keep them happy and healthy. Here’s our list of trending products to sell in 2022 for pets:

    1. Bath Essentials

    Some pet owners found the time to give their pets more frequent baths at home instead of driving to pet shops for their pet grooming services. They’re also looking for ways to bathe their pets more easily, as it could be a daunting task if they own larger pets. Bath essentials like pet bathing tools are gaining interest, according to Google Trends.

    You can promote bath essentials for pets by running ads on Google and Facebook. Post SEO content on your blog, like infographics and videos demonstrating grooming tips to pet owners.

    2. Pet Carrier

    More people adopted pets in 2020 than in any other year, giving many lonely pets at the shelters a loving home. To safely bring their pets to the vet or any destination, people bought pet carriers as well.

    Take advantage of the consistently stable interest for pet carriers by running ads on Google using keywords matching your product description.

    3. Dog Supplements

    Dedicated dog owners will resort to any health product to prevent unfortunate visits to the vet. Besides quality dog food, dog supplements are also great disease-preventing products. Google Trends data show that interest in “dog supplements” has been increasing for many years.

    Like the two previous products on this list, you will reach more customers by running ads on Google and Facebook. Use keywords that match your supplements’ product descriptions like “dog vitamins” or “dog probiotics.”

    Recreational activities

    Most people had no choice but to stay at home due to strict lockdowns. To escape their screens every so often, consumers turned to traditional recreational activities to pass the time. Here are two products that you should consider selling this year:

    1. Chess Board

    International Chess

    Consumers did not bat their eyes over chess boards for several years until interest started to rise in late October 2020 and possibly due to the popular series, The Queen’s Gambit, which premiered within the same period.

    When marketing chess boards, run Google and Facebook ads to target customers looking for them. Write SEO content offering guides for beginners and strategies they can use against their family and friends.

    2. Jigsaw Puzzles

    After governments started imposing strict lockdowns last year, consumers started to search for products to help them stay sane for long periods indoors. One product that instantly gained a lot of interest was the jigsaw puzzle, receiving 823,000 average monthly searches.

    Solving jigsaw puzzles can be a meditative activity for many, and finishing one with thousands of pieces gives a great sense of accomplishment.

    Focus on a niche product like puzzles for kids or 3D puzzles. Repost photos of completed puzzles by your customers and encourage them to give reviews to entice new buyers to take on the challenge.


    Setting up your own eCommerce business can be very exciting, but note that selling even the most trending products cannot guarantee success.

    When choosing which products to sell online, it is important to not only find the most profitable niche to pursue but also stand out in terms of marketing your products. Most importantly, always have the right mindset and attitude when applying your skills.

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