Turbo Tax Review

Filife team

    I just finished doing my taxes with Turbo Tax and I was very impressed with the ease of use of this software. It didn’t make doing taxes fun, but it did make it bearable. Not counting pulling all my information together which I had already done (that took several hours in and of itself), it took me about two hours to do my taxes, then a little bit longer to print everything out.

    I let the program guide me step by step of the way – that takes a little longer but it does make sure that you don’t miss anything. Now that I am a little more comfortable with the program I may not have to use that feature – I can just skip to what I need. I like that it does give you the choice. It handled my parsonage allowance correctly (tax break for ministers), which H&R Block did not do last year (and their software made me file by mail verses electronically).

    Next year should be even quicker to do my taxes because Turbo Tax will pre-fill a lot of the information fields for me – that will save time and typing errors! I also used Turbo Tax to do my state Taxes (Pennsylvania), but I did not use the software to file them – Turbo Tax charges $20 (or so) to file them, so I just printed a hard copy and filed my state taxes for free using the state online e-file using the information off of my hard copy. it was a little duplication of effort, but I saved $20, and it was helpful to have the hard copy since the state e-filing program was not always clear (hard to believe that the state could be confusing!).

    All it all, I was pleased with Turbo Tax. I like that it lets you do up to 5 returns, so if you want you can do like our family did and just purchase one copy and share it. I will definitely be using Turbo Tax again next year. Any other thoughts or opinions (or questions)?